Which crop can be cultivated in a coconut tree farm?

Hello everyone,

I am sadhu from visakhapatnam,andhra pradesh.

I request our members for sharing some experiences and ideas regarding which crop will be suitable for cultivating in a coconut farm. My farm location is visakhapatnam district. 

Hi Sadhu,
There are many crops which can be cultivated in coconut as inter crop depending upon the age, water availability and other factors.

  1. Cocoa ( we have it in our farm, our 4yr old plantation is yielding 2-3 quintals per acre, 4-5 quintals can be achieved too from 7-8 yr old plantations and current market rate is 12,500 per quintal)

4.Fodder for cattle

Also consult near by KVK


Dear sir
Put the black pepper creepers on all your coconut trees with the help of net & nails etc.Down below grow quality turmeric/ginger,sarpgandha(rauwolfia serpentina) or any other crop which is gown locally.Wish you success in your endeavours.

Interesting… this is generally done for areca plants, but then they use some sort of ladder to pluck the areca, what needs to be used to pluck the coconut?

Hello hegdeggji,

yes in Kerala we let pepper vine climb on coconut trees. But the trick is by not letting the pepper vine reaching beyond the ladder limit. So every time the coco plucker climbs he trims the vine at the desired height or pulls the vine down and ties it on the tree below the ladder. (Traditionally special type of bamboo ladder(this species is very rare nowadays, I have been able to get hold of a sapling) is used with 22 cluster not more than that or lesser) Check the attached file. Hope I am clear here.
If you notice the bamboo is almost dense, it just has a space to insert your little finger, yet it is very light in weight.

You don’t need nets and nails. just let the vine reach the coconut tree and it will establish it self.

Hello Sadhu,

Not sure what grows well in visakhapatnam area.

In Kerala we plant pepper, banana, cocoa, all types of yam, Also note (Most herbs and plants that smell strong need only indirect sunlight) Sarpgandha as mentioned by rcdixit is one great herb. It is very expensive. whole plant is purchased in the market. On our land it just grows wild.check the attach file.
I have planted Kanthari Chillies throughout the coconut base.


Hi Anoop,

Can you provide some details on Sarpagandha? Where can I procure seeds/ saplings? and how does one market it?


Hello AK,

Sorry for delay in reply.

Sarpagandha has 3 or 4 varieties. Only was to distinguish it is with the color of flowers(black, reddish, white). White is the most in demand and expensive. Last to last year it was purchased for 500 rupees a kg whole plant. However some shops just buy seeds, some root, some buy whole plant.
Picture that I have posted is a local variety, which has black color flower.
So you will have to check with local Ayurvedic shop.

I have not ventured into producing or selling it. But I know some one who ordered seeds from other state and it didn’t work, not a single seed sprouted, may be it was not of good quality.

Another concern is Chinese also use this herb. Price may keep fluctuating. If you are planing to plant on large scale. I would suggest research locally if some one is already into it. Get idea.

It is a sturdy herb. No matter how many times you trim it. Next month it has new leaves. My cows just love it. It was one of the main diet of goats and cows in olden times, at-least in my area.

If you are interested? I can send you some seeds.

Thanks Anoop. I enquired with my aunt who is good with herbs. She showed me the plant, I think I can source it. It is a depressant, it is used in anti-anxiety drugs and drugs that induce sleep. The side effect is that it might lead to depression and suicidal tendencies in some, so there is a drop in use of this herb these days.

I thought I can grow it an an intercrop in my plantation, let’s see. Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

You are welcome.
Should work great as a inter crop. It likes cool climate and tree shade, soil can be in bad shape. that is what I have noticed about this herb.
It works on the nervous system(may be that’s why it is used for anti-anxiety). It is also used with different combination to tackle many other disorders like cancer(as per a Ayurvedic practitioner). Olden times ayurvedic practitioner knew which medicine is best suited for his patient and there are different ways of consuming it. This is missing in modern time, so the side effects. One solution for every one. Business mentality.

can you send sarpaghandha seedligs to me it will be greatful to you i need atleast  nos greenagrow@gmail.com

but since 1960 Surpa gandha has used an effective medicine in BP control. I have gone through its clinical research report to… Most of the Ayurveda pharma companies produce tablets based on Sarpha gandha. I think direct consumption of herb may lead in some side effects. I have personal experience in getting BP controlled with this tablet. Please consult an Ayurveda doctor , for prescription and hence I do not write here tablet name.


Dear Sadhu,
Many things can be grown with coconut…
It all depends on the soil and water availability.
If water is good u can try sugarcane…
Maize or u call it babybcorn also does well and is short term.
Also you can grow Banana or  vegetables which grow lovely under shade…

Ashish Sharma.

Hello Sundarsmnm,

Sorry for delay in reply was busy. Will send a mail to your id.