Where to buy reliable mango saplings near Mumbai?

Hello All;

Would you please be able to suggest where can we buy Mango Saplings around Mumbai, Kalyan, Thane.

I need it to be reliable. I dont want to see a Payri Mango on a sapling I had planted as Alphonso.

Kindly advice.


i myself have an mango farm. majority variety is KESAR. as i am located in nasik, the climate is more suitable for this variety as compared to others.
i am very proud to say that my farm is the biggest (in terms of number of plants) in and around nasik, with having about 1200 trees which are 7-8 years old and note that all this is organically certified.

if you are comfortable with sourcing the saplings from nasik, i could provide you myself, or get you in contact with people who do it for a living.

Best of luck

hi again…
i forgot to mention… you can also get in touch with the concerned people at Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth (rahuri agriculture university, rahuri) or Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University  (agriculture department, Nasik) as they also do a lot of R&D in mangoes and will be the best people to advise for variety selection and further details.

i do not have updated contact details of the concerned people, will try and find them.


You’re right. You can get the right kind of mango saplings in and around Mumbai and Thane. the right place would be Nashik or ratnagiri. Yes, rahuri also the right place.

Pl./ Contact Jain Irrigation.They are having Fruit Nurseries too.Otherwise one Reliable Farm by name Ganga Nursery  in Sangareddy Nr. Hyderabad

Try hafoos.com/adopt-hafoos-mango-tree.html
They have mango saplings for sale. They ship them all over India. Good luck!

Dear Shri,

You can check with Below given Link as well.


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