Where native seeds of vegetables be available in Andhra pradesh?

Hello Friends,

Subhash palekar said in ZBNF method that native seeds should be used for cultivation of various crops. I want to follow his methods but did not have any native seeds of vegetables in and around my place visakhapatnam.

Can any of our members guide me through this situation.

hello sadhu you can contact center for sustainable agriculture situated near hyderabad they can guide you to get native seeds

can  you please send us the address of the vegitable seeds selling or sharing farmars addresses in South India

Rohini reddy

Try sahaja. They couriered me the seeds

How to make sure  that sahaja samrudha’s desi seeds are with 100% genetic purity? Is there any way to test? I feel all desi seeds are cross pollinated at some time after green revolution and hence it is impossible to identify a desi seed. Please correct if i am wrong.

Resp Rohini Reddy Madam,

Namaskara Amma. Welcome to our farmers Forum. It is great that you have visited our Forum.

Sahaja Samrudda is a unit of Jaivik Krishik Society of Karnataka and Sri Shivanapura Ramesh is an office bearer in both. He will arrange you seeds immediately. You know, he can be called on 9845529324.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer