Where do i sell water melon

Dear All,

I have water melon growing in my farm - 6 acres, Each fruit is around 10 KG’s of weight. I would like to sell the crop in this week , Can any one please suggest best way to sell and let me know the current market price ? Some one visited my farm and they are asking for RS 5 for one KG , I am not Ok with this price.

My farm is in Andhra Pradesh ,anantha pur dist and it is near to Bangalore. I prefer to sell the entire crop instead of cutting and selling at bangalore market.

Looking forward for your valueble inputs.

Thank You

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Even i have the same question.

You are lucky that you are getting 5rs per kg as just a week back its just 4 rs per kg.

Please let me know if you can find any buyers as my crop will come in Apr 1st week and your info will help to me.

If you can give your personal number then i would like to ask couple of questions regarding pest management.

My no: 09686444113. email: chalam.mydhanam@gmail.com


Dear Vijay,

I am not lucky eiether. We just sold out our 3 acres of crop for 1 lakh and 25 thousand rupees, Water melon price seems to be decreased now, i think the retial price in Bangalore per kilo is 8 RS. 


Hi Ravi,

I believe there is good price in Delhi for water melon, i saw some article in recent newspaper that Anantapur farmer took the watermelon directly to Delhi market and fetch very good price. Try to speak to Delhi market people and have to take some risk to get the price !


What was your yield/acre avergae you should get 15Mt for hybrid you should get 25Mt/acre.  Can you explain your method of cultivation, spacing,manuring, veriety etc.

We are yet to calcualte the tons. We have sold total 3 acres crop for the price i have mentioned. Seed is Namdhari G292 , I guess we will get 10MT per acre

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Hello Bhanu,

I am not aware of any one from Delhi, I still have water melon growing in another 3 acres, it will be ready for sale in another ten days. Hopefully this time i would try to sell at the Market instead of meadiators.

Hi Ravi,

No need to know anyone from Delhi, Google it and call few people and figure out the price and compare what price you are getting ?

Let me know if you need any help to find out the price in Delhi, i will try my best.


Hi Ravi,

10 T/A is a reasonable yield. And based on your selling price, you got 4.16 per kg which is kind of less.

I am just guessing the price is less because the exports to delhi came down because of delhi weather.

How much you spent for Acre ??


Hello Guys,

People from Delhi or Mumbai can try to find out the price of the watermelon and put the price in farmnest, that will help these farmers who put effort and energy to cultivate and not getting the correct price.

Common guys help each other.

Thanks in advance,


I come across this article about a farmer who cultivate watermelon, I hope this helps

freshplaza.com/article/39903 … watermelon



Thanks for the article…yes we are using humic acid… Infact i am in touch with raghavan…He is a nice person and explain things patiently…


Hi mail2sarathi,

Can you plz some thing more about humic acid i.e.,

  1. which is the company which offers good organic humic acid at reasonable price?
  2. Is solid granules of humic acid good or liquid? which brands are good?
  3. What quantity to be used per acre (liquid or solid) and at what stages?
  4. What is the price?

Please reply.


Guru Prasad
Hiriyur, Karnataka
+91 9620944466

Dear Guruprasad Sir, I can express my observations about humic acid.

Humic acid is applied for healthy root growth.  I prefer Organic Humic acid and upto my knowledge M/s Karapur Industries, Goa are manufacturing Organic Humic Acid, and their brand name is Humigrow. Price is around rs 180/- ( granuels ) to rs 350/- ( liquid ) ( prices are approximate and pl negotiate with the company’ s sales officials.

In Humic acid , Liquid is better than granuels

Initially, it is better to drench/put 2 to 3 kgs per acre, on the beds, while planting. After , basing on the crop, once in 2 to 4 months, apply 1 to 1.5 kg granuels and/or 1 to 1.5  ltr of liquid humidic acid , per acre.

Mostly rate depends on quantity. Pl have healthy negotiation with company officials.

contact phone of Karapur agro is 09740025313.

All the best  sir,  g.p.rao,  farmer

You could also look at agmarknet website to know the prices.
agmarknet.nic.in/agnew/NationalB … .aspx?ss=1

Hey Ravi,

I run a juice canteen and need Watermelon of 500-700kgs per month. Is it possible for you to export to Bangalore or Devanahalli village? If yes, feel fee to text me at 9880579791.

I can actually promote your business by reaching out to several canteens near by the office. Let me know if I can be of any help here.


We are ready to purchase the whole quantity.
Please note our contact details
Nagendran Nallaperumal
Mob :918610473193
Phone :9144 43327834 Monday to Friday 11am to 5pm
Email : info@cubeglobalinc.com

I am growing watermelon in maharashtra.any one interested to purchase then please contact me 7021230258

Hello.intested let me share your mobile number.so that we can discuss.or contact me my wattsp numbe


Try mobile based market place platforms like eNAM and RML.