Where do farmers buy their plastic Mulching film from?

Dear Farmer Friends!,

I hope you all will be able to help me with research!

I have recently got into manufacturing of plastic LDPE Mulching Film - Black and Silver and also other colours! Microns 25, 30, 50 and 100…

I would love to sell DIRECTLY to the farmers at a discounted price as there won’t be any intermediaries ( like wholesaler and retailer ) ,

I would like to pass on the savings directly to the farmer by cutting down the middleman…

but my only concern is if it will be logistically economical to send directly to the individual farmer as their quantity buying capacity will be much less than the wholesaler .

Pls help me with my below question…

  1. Where do farmers buy their mulching film from ?
    2)how much are you currently paying for 30 micron black silver mulch film with 400 meters length and 1.2 meters width?

  2. do you think my idea can work ? I think it can work if a group of farmers can place a combined order or a farmers club can place an order…

  3. can you think of any channel through which I can sell directly to farmers?

If this works out properly then I might offer Shade Nets too…

Thank you in Advance and pls feel free call me if you would like to advise on phone…I would encourage to post here too as all can benefit from the replies

Thank you in advance


Hi Darshan I can suggest you  following points

  1. Get authorized by some government Body
  2. Give free consultation & assistance to farmers about Subsidy, in other world tell them to buy from you with government subsidy , already your product is low cost due to reduction of intermediates ,
  3. Post your add in agri related news papers & magazines ( like Agrowon) , and mention that you are selling it directly to farmer , at moderated price ,
  4. If you are good with your financial perception for business expansion you can tie up with other agri finance sources, both Government and non government institutions like www.safl.in
  5. make website, participate in agri expo ,

Hello Srnarnaware,
Thank you for your time to reply to my post. It does help however my main challenge is to how to reach group of farmers directly
I am sure you will some ideas about it.
If you do not mind can you please share your mobile number and I can call you to discuss further.

Thank you and Regards,

Thank you Bhayya, I am in need of Mulching Film for my Farm Land,.

Kindlyinform us the Price of Various Colours and features so as to enable me to Order for the Same.

Kindly Mail the Pricelist to vasudhagreenfarms@gmail.com

Vasudha Green Farms,

Look my friend you are business man To be very honest you are not want to share your profit with others Indirectly you want to sell your product in a same rate of retail price. And save profit and earn more profit you will not get success. You don’t have any unique product in your hand, do you know how many companies and trader involve in this business. This is totally BAKVAS funda of business and Take my word you cannot success on this concept. You don’t want to cut distributor commission you want to sell on market price from factory and want to earn big profit.

Try to increase retail 10% every year not from 1st day of business. it will take another 10 years for getting response directly.

And Believe in TURN OVER and happy with 5 to 7% profit because you are manufacturer always think about selling fast not viable to do stock.

Thank you Sir for your Prompt Mail,

Purchasing of thi item by a group of Farmers may not be possiable.
Here in Hyderabad and its surroundings Small Farmers will not Purchase this Mulching Sheet.
Only the educated Farmers  who are adopting NEW Techniques are only using this mulching sheet.

Kindly provide us the Price of  various specifications of the Mulching sheet and Shade Net.
We will motivate the Farmers here in Hyderabad in purchasing this material from you.
My Contact Number is 09133498366.

Thank you With Best Wishes,
Vasudha Green Farms,

Thank you Sir,

Iam also suggesting you take steps in getting Subsidy by State Govt. Departments as suggested by our Brother  srnarnaware. In part of that you have to to approach NABARD for Considering your Product for the Schemes sponsored by NABARD. In Andhrapradesh, I will move the Authorities if you are interested.

Thank you With Best Wishes,
Vasudha Green Farms,

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your continued assistance and sharing your insight with me and importantly offering to help with govt bodies in AP.

If it is okay with you then, I will try to call you tomorrow to seek your further advise and discuss the prices with you…

Thank you

Welcome my Ahmedabadi friend Ilesh,

Why do you think I want more profit by taking off the intermediaries…Why do not you trust what I have written???

Will you trust if I say that I only work on  5-7% profit?  I guess you will not trust me.

Are you also mfg / trading in mulching business now?

I would love to talk to you, pl let me know your phone no or call me on 9978846289…

Finally anything new always sounds a BAKWAS to some ppl…

How to get quality mulch film by farmers ?

Which parameters are more important for farmers during purchase of mulch film ?

What is importance of colours of mulch film ?

Is it better to purchase ready Punch/Hole mulch film for farmers ?

Plz suggest proper answer for above mention question.



1.  How to get quality mulch film by farmers ?

Almost all Mulching  Films are manufactured with  ISI Specifications. If you go for one season crop like Vegetables  7-10 Microns is sufficient. 20-25 Microns Annual Crops like Turmeric,Ginger etc. If you go for Bi-Annual crops like Banana,Papaya etc 40-50 Microns are needed.If the Crop is for Perennial like Fruit Trees like Banana ,Papaya,Mango etc 50 - 100 Microns are essential. Some are using 200 Microns also for Mango ,Sapota (Chikku), Guva etc.

2.  Which parameters are more important for farmers during purchase of mulch film ?

For all the Purposes Black Silver coating is suitable which will Prevent ultra violet Rys as well as keeping the Root Zone Cool and send back the Sun rays.

3.  What is importance of colours of mulch film ?How to get quality mulch film by farmers ?

When ever Purchasing Mulching Film take  the Film with ISI Specifications with Renowned Brands like Tuflex
Baroda Packing , Allied Global Plastics etc.

4.  Is it better to purchase ready Punch/Hole mulch film for farmers ?

It is not Proper to go for Pr-Punch Sheet. We have to make Punches according to the Cro/Soil etc.

5.  Plz suggest proper answer for above mention question.

For Full information of Mulching Films Selection and  installations visit the following Link:

agritech.tnau.ac.in/agricultural … lching.pdf

for vasudha Green Farms ,
A Reliable Farm Consultants in India.
9133498366 / 7416446789

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I don’t know why Mr VIPUL asked such questions being manufacturer of polyfilms ::) :astonished:

Dear Sri khannae ,

You are right. What is Sri vipul, I don’t know.

Last week , Sri vipul sir stated in a seperate column,  he manufactures mulching film and wants to sell . I telephoned to Sri Vipul sir  and asked his price, as I want little more quantity of 30 and 50 microns film for mulching. I told him that I wants to purchase and asked his price per roll and/ or weight price.

To my call, he replied saying  he will call me back after 1 hour. This happened 4 or 5 days back. Till now he did not call me . I don’t know the reason, but he may be busy.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Sir,

This is Mr. Vipul From Rajkot(ARCHAN POLYFILMS PVT. LTD.)…My. Contact No.09428212684… so plz call me for your Inquiry regarding mulch film or send your contect detail for talking with you.