Where Can We Get Moringa Saplings(Drumstick) in South Karnataka?


I am into multi-crop farming, anybody plz let me know where we can get Moringa saplings(Drumstick) quantity of 100-200 in South Karnataka.

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Please reach out to the University of agriculture science or their local office in your area, i had bought saplings from the horticulture department here in Bangalore 3 years ago.

I checked in Shimoga(Agri University), it was not available. Bangalore will be far off as my requirement is in 100s only.

Hi Niranjan,

May i know where is your farm?

HI Niranjan,
Do not buy saplings, just get some seeds, that will be enough. there is no much difference in saplings and seeds. just that it takes just 15 to 30 days to become a saplings. I had bought around 1/4 KG of seeds from Bagalkot agri university by courier. and directly sowed them in soil, and with in a month they were around 1- 2 feet tall. and survival rate was around 80%, if you do not want to sow them directly make you polybag and sow them and replant after 1 or 2 months.
I had bought Bhagya variety which is also called KDM 1


Nice to hear.I had been to Bagalkot University yesterday. But they didn’t have the stock of seeds. Moreover, I bought online from Amazon, I insisted on a local variety and got it.

It is in Tarikere, Chickmagalur Dist,Karnataka.
Thanks for reply. I bought the seeds online.

Nice. Bhagya variety is in high demand. I sowed the seeds in June and it’s flowering already.

Hi Sudhir,
Bhagya variety means,what type of variety

Hello Niranjan
I am exporter from Indore MP , I have contact is exporter of drumsticks, He might be having saplings of Drumsticks , you may contact him – Gokil on 9994662956 ( whats App ) number

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