Where can we get Desi Seeds near Hyderabad?

I have been looking for ‘desi’ seeds for all kinds of vegetables, pulses and rice, near Hyderabd. I could not find them any where. Though I could find information on Seeds Bank and similar organization, it was showing leads to Self Help Groups managing such banks. If any one can provide address or contact of such sources it would be of great help.

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Jai Shri Krisna

Desi,None Hybrid But Improved Seeds Are Available Everywhere.
You Can Forward The List Of Your requirments.
We Can Supplay You The available Seeds From Pune.
Sheti Udyog Bhandar
Jai Chambers,Shivaji Road,
Swargate Corner Pune 411042
020 2447 3615 Only In Speak Hindi

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dear shanmugan, you can get desi seeds at emerald sweet shop located to the side of indira park opposite to venkata rama reddy marriage hall --prathap.

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Thank you Pratap.



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will they sell desi seeds near emeral mithai shop ?
i can not find the place, can you be more specific about the place

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Emerald sweet shop next to Indira park are now selling Desi seeds of vegetables…

Even in Shivam road, next to Shivam temple the old Satya Super Market is now Emerald sweet shop, even there you get the seed packets.

available in lower tank bund area, some times for free : -) for everyone, (by a trust)
email us your details to organiccontactslist at gmail dot com or whats app to 9542336669
i will connect you to them

Thank you Sir,

You try for the seeds in Hyderguda Hyderabad.

There you Can get Non Hybrid Seed .
You ask them as NON HYBRID Seed and not as Desi Seed.

for Vasudha Green Farming ,
(A Reliable Farming Consultants in India)