Where can i visit a REAL dairy farm in chennai?

Hi guys,
I am a newbie to this forum,my brother is about to start a dairy farm ,so we started to gather various details regarding
dairy farms,so i tought of visiting a dairy farm in and arround chennai,i searched internet and asked many dairy farms they are saying
they only have processing plant here,i don’t where i can visit a dairy farm to observe these things.

any information would be helpful to me…


I do not know if there are any commercial dairy farms nearby chennai but there are some commercial dairy farms in Kancheepuram.
You can check with Hatusun representative as they have tie up with Dairy farms.They can guide you on this.

Hmmm thanks for your information,i am gonna try harder again,hope i will find one arround here…

Okay.Let me know if you come across anything.I can join with you during farm visit.

Astra diary is well known among diary farm circles around Chennai, try contacting their HQ at Chennai if they would allow a field trip.

Meanwhile one of our customers at Chennai is also trying for such a visit, would let you know if anything clicks.


If you are flexible to travel outside Chennai, you could visit Mandya, they are as well our customers and in the setup stage with cultivated fodder in around 10 acres, have a shed etc, no animals still though.

You can visit

Murugan Dairy Farm

They have good breeds of HF Jersy  they are breeders too.

If you want their contact info.  Please do not hesitate to talk to me.