Where can I find agriculture land for starting a integrated farming in tamilnadu especially around within 150 kms radius of chennai



Hello all,

Myself and my friend working in a MNC in chennai. having interest in starting a integrated organic farming with around 3 to 5 Acer of land around chennai (150 Kms radius). the plan is to initially start with the country chick (shed size of 30*50) and to create a pond for water management and to plant trees on the fence. So we would request each of you here to provide the funtamental ideas and mainly need your support for find the land. for your information our budget for the land is 10 Lakh.


Me and a few other friends have identified land near thiruttani which is about 80kms from chennai . If interested please msg me your contact details , we can discuss on land sharing . The plot of land for sale is around 55 acres and we can accomodate a few other people interested in farming


Hi, i would like to join in this venture. My email id is thaliragro@gmail.com. thanks


Hi, i am also looking for cheap agri land around chennai for exploring agriculture before getting into it in full scale. My email id thaliragro@gmail.com. Hope we can share our findings in identifying a proper land.


i am interested too. Please share your contacts