When to harvest ginger

How one determines that its right time to harvest ginger.

  1. specific season?
  2. or when dries out completely?
  3. or when leaves starts drying out?

i have attached pic which shows current condition of ginger plants. cn someone suggest when i should harvest?

Generally Ginger will be Harvested in the Month of January/February when you Plant it During June/July.
The Ginger rots can be removed from Earth when the Plants of Ginger are Fallen and turned to Complete Yellow and Dried.
for Vasudha Green Farms,

Dear  Sirs

I am looking Lands  and am going to buy 3/4 Acres  most probably at Ratnagiri District  in Maharastra , I have been told that Ginger  can be cultivated  in the Area 

Please  Guide me    from  the  Scratch  , as i am a non Agri going to be a full time Farmer  soon


Thanks And Regards

Kalpesh P Pandyya