Whatsapp Group for innovative and Polyhouse farmers

Hello all …

I have been out of touch and could not attend to this forum from quite sometime now. For the people new to this forum, This is Aman Sohaney, from jabalpur, m.p and i am into polyhouse farming and zero till cultivation. we also have a whatsapp group where we discuss and share our problems. you can join us by sending me a personal message on whatsapp on 9977272077.

Thank you


you can give us your introduction here as well, we will follow through.


Mr. Aman your idea for making the Whats app Group is very nice i welcome that but, if you continue this topic on the farm with photos,experiences & success stories of the members it will help other farmers as well.


Competition from mobile devices!! :-[…is it time to think of Farmnest mobile app? :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

Chandra !!!

Its not a competition, it is just a way of helping your own initiative of fruitful discussions.


The next version of the forum software should be more mobile friendly than what it is now - the current one is mobile friendly but not the best. People generally prefer not to install a specific app for each site - as evidenced even by the flipkart fiasco.

I think whatsapp and forum serve different purposes - whatsapp is ‘point of time’, whereas forum is a permanent searchable knowledgebase and a reference you can go back to anytime.
Indeed, whatsapp and the likes negatively impacted usage of forums around the world in general, but the fact remains they both address different needs.

In any case, any media that help share knowledge are always welcome.