What's your most helpful piece of farming equipment/machinery/technology (other than a tractor)

Maybe more medium to small sized items, not big items like tractors

Bought a brush cutter with weeder attachment recently and am finding it good value for money.

You really don’t need a tractor to grow green plants like spinach, carrots etc,
You need trator for paddy, corn etc. Need more water to do.

There so many crops you can grow if you entich your soil with mulch and organic compost without tractor and earn good money.

Hi All,

A couple of great resources for the utility of small/sub-compact tractor that we have found very informative and greatly enjoy - Tractor Time with Tim - He has a very small tractor with many practical attachments and is from a farming family.

Also there is a company called Tilmor who make some very very good tools for market gardening and small-scale farming.

Thanks to share that link of tractor time it was nice tilmor

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