What the hell it is in my cucumber leaves - plz suggest me pesticide for this

Dear Friends,
its really breaking head with this issue,  :'( my cucumber plants are healthy, but everyday  one is going out… leafs eating by some ??? don’t know what are they?
my friends suspected it is Caterpillar, but Caterpillar can visible, here i am not seeing anything on the leaf backside and front side.
few leafs having holes in center, most of leaf are cutting start from edges. At edges if i touch the leaf nothing is there.
what would be the disease and what is the best pesticide to rid them. please suggest me.
i am very thankful if any one can give quick help, would be most appreciable if you can give me call/text at 8008922337.
pics are attached.

Thank you Sir,

Earlier I have suggested you to use Tricoderma Viridi which would have controlled the germination of Caterpillars from the Eggs of Flies.

Caterpillars are the larvae of moths or butterflies, members of the Lepidoptera order of insects.  Perhaps the most devastating pest of garden crops, their cutting mouthparts devour many times their weight as they outgrow their bodies, molting five or six times before they pupate.
Caterpillar Control & Adult Moth Monitoring:

Monitor for Adult Moths: Use specific pheromone lures and traps; for instance, Codling Moth Trap, Gypsy Moth Trap or Beet Armyworm lure and trap. This will allow you to know you will have a problem with eggs and caterpillars shortly.

No doubt it is because of the Caterpillar. It is not visible during Day time. It will eat the leaves during Night Times.During Day times it will be going to earth . You can Spray Neem oil under Organic Farming or  pyrethrin in severe conditions or  Monocrtopos under Medium threat or using of Malathion is the safest way.In all the Sprays should be done  during evening Times.

Further Pl. insert Moth Trap, Gypsy Moth Trap or Beet Armyworm lure and trap etc as per your Convenient. You can have these Traps in the Pesticide Sops in Hyderguda.

Trichoderma viride is an anti fungal agent, not an insecticide as far as I know.

Neem oil spray and covering in an old mosquito net are good options for a few pots at home.

Thank you Sir for your Correction. I have suggested our Friend Bhuvan to use Both Pseudomonas and Tricoderma Viridi. By oversight I have not mentioned Pseudomonas.Thank you for your Correction and alert.
for Vasudha Green Farms,

Pseudomonas also anti fungal.  Only Beauveria Bassiana or Bacillus thuringiensis  Can help him.

the topic is damn funny :stuck_out_tongue: specially the use of the word “hell” has made it.
the issue is not funny tough…

i have never seen caterpillar problems on cucumber plants, very surprised to see the pictures. i also read that you were not able to spot any, so more surprised, cause these are such fat, iggly pests and can be spotted easily.

yesterday was nomoon day, so keep a watch for the little worms, their cycle depends on the moon phase.

Mr.Bunni, u are a very funny man i will say. the way u have reacted cracks me up :smiley:

Hi Viks,

Can you please explain in little details on the moon phase and insect life cycle.

Today i noticed lots of ants like insect (they are very tiny, color is like brownish and the tail portion is like swelled and in white colour - very difficult to capture in mobile) in my ridge guard plants which is having only 2 true leaf. i have not notices these insects before (2-3 days)… rather i saw some leaf miner flies are there… Today i left them for observation to see if they are making any damage or not… else i will let them to stay…


Thank you Sir for the Discussion on Pseudomonas and Tricoderma Viridi . Sir I have advised my Friend based on the following Link : I have succeeded in using these Bio- Micro Organisms  in my Tomato Crop as well as Cucumber too in Organic Method during Last Year sir.

link.springer.com/article/10.100 … 2-7#page-1

Pl prepare a concoction of neem leafs pulpified and sieved approximately 5 gms.Add pulp of 4 garlic cloves,4 chillies(bhoot jalokia)pulp, 3gms tobacco extract(sieved)and 5 gms cow urine.Prepare this decoction,fill in spray pump and spray.This formula is for one plant of cucumber only.Now you can multiply the aforesaid ingredients with the number of plants you want to protect from insects.Now it will be the turn of worms to say what the hell is making us run away from the delicious feast.