What should be the depth of water in a borewell?

I have dug a 225 ft borewell in my home. Got water in 210 ft. Does this 15 ft water depth is sufficient for daily homely expenditure?? water flow is 2"-2.5"…


Most of the borewell’s have yielded water at more than a 1000ft in my experience, so dont worry about hitting water table @ 210ft.

Having said that what I wonder is why have you stopped @ 225ft? Any particular drill hindrance or you wished to stop?

The repercussion might be in the long run when water table goes way below and leading to borewell left dry, which would add up expenses on re-bore.

Nevertheless, be conservative with the usage, as every drop saved is a drop earned.


actually the contractor said that there might be pockets after this…in that case the water lever will totally be spoiled…whole water will go through the pocket…


Could be the case.

Also,What is your bore dia and have you put any pump? If yes what capacity and rated for what discharge?


dia is 5-6 i think…pumping is yet to be done…boring is done just today…

Ok. My suggestion would be to opt for V4 sub and that too preferably 1.5 or 2 hp as you would be pumping conservatively in the first place. But then depends on your water needs as well.

Also, since you have only 15ft left from the bottom, you unfortunately dont seem to be having an exit route for silt accumulation, which when used heavier pump models might force the impeller to get stuck and shaft might not experience free run.Again it depends on amount of silt in the bore, but its safe to consider this while selecting the pump.



Could u please elaborate the bore dia? is it 5-6" or larger? what is the casing pipe length? generally in Kolkata region tubewells are done. Tubewells & Borewells there is a very vast difference in both.

dia 6’’…casing r upto 50 ft…water was coming out from 160 ft…bt contractor said this much water is sufficient for tube wells bt not for borewells.then got 2.5’’ water in 210 ft…

The variation of water in  the Tubewell is much higher than in the Borewell, Tubewell means drilling in the sand where the rock is found at the long depths, Borewell means drilling in the Rock where the seasonal variation in the water yield from borewell is not more than 5-10%.

In your case, I assume its a borewell, as per the construction of the well described by you, for your query to install the Pump set at what Level? I shall suggest, that u shall install the V4 Submersible Pumpset, as also suggested by Mr. Sravanakumar, U may install the pump at the depth of 200 fts, as in streams, water in the borewell always comes from up to down in the annulus & maintains it s own level, water coming into the Borewell are all flowing sources & they do not come from any reservoir.

The yield mentioned by you i.e. 2.5" is approximately 3,000 Litres / Hour as per the ‘V’ Notch table, which is 72,000 Litres per day (i.e. in 24 hours duration time) which is more than sufficient for the homely use, u must also have the 4 way automization system (not very Expensive) synchronized with the storage Upper Level / UG Tank & Borewell to derive the per hour yield from the borewell.

Precise and straight to the point. Gr8 to hear when experience speaks!