What shall i buy Mini Tiller or Power Tiller for given requirements.?

Hello Guys,

        I have 10 acres farm land, cultivating Paddy in 2 Acres, Papaya Orchard 4 Acres and Cotton in 4 Acres.  I am confused to choose( for buying it) between Power Tiller and Mini Tiller for below requirements. If possible also suggest good brands and respective latest Price details( approx).

1)  Weeder.
2)  Tilling for intercrop cultivation for Papaya Orchard (Sown 6ft x 6ft).
3)  Powering generator for 5 HP Submersible Pump.
4)  Shredder.
5)  Bed formation for vegetables,ginger, Papaya crops.

BTW, i already own a tractor.