What is this pest name (update: mealy bug)

  What is this pest name attacking watermelon and rose plant? First the watermelon plant  died and now rose plant growth was stopped because of this pest. How to eradicate this? the plants are placed in balcony area.


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  Finally found this is mealy bug from internet search. Attached clear view of picture.

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Mealybug management would include biopesticide Verticillium lecanii in organic method, soap solution or systemic insecticides.

If you see a good number of predators, they may do the job themselves.

Is it the same which attacks papaya plants? Will just dishwasher soap spray will do?

As per the below source it looks the same pest which attacks papaya. But experts can give more comments.

entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/fru … alybug.htm

Different species possibly, but the same solution should work. In some other countries there are special insecticidal soaps, but dishwasher soap should work - it basically affects the insect cuticle.

If it is only on few plants then wash them away/dislodge them from the tender parts and under the leaves using a strong stream of water from a good spray bottle. The tiny white males of this bug can fly. Use a yellow sticky glue trap available at garden store to destroy them.  Or gently shake the plants (in the morning) and destroy them as you can see them fly.

This method has worked on 3 hibiscus plants and couple of vegetable plants. I did 3-4 treatments in 4-5 days and the bugs have not returned so far (4 months).

The dishwashing liquid will also works but if the solution is too strong it can burn tender shoots. So be careful.

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For Control of the above Pest Monocrotophos/Chlorpyriphos +Dimethoate has worked well on Spraying of 15 Days intervals om Papaya Plantation. Before that , kindly remove and Burn severely infected leaves and Fruits. Rub the stem with gunny Bag until the bug sediments are wiped off. Then you go for Spraying. While spraying use Fungicide also to get rid of Fungus infection.The same Pest has also been infected on Melia Dubia Plants on the stem which was also controlled on the above process.

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Dear Farmer Friends, Recently National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insecticides, NBAII, Hebbal, Bengaluru ,has released a parasitoid , which can control Mealy bugs on crops like papaya, mulbury ,Tapioka and so many other plants. They are supplying the parasitoids to the farmers.

Any one of us, who are in need can contact them and avail help.

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