What is the procedure for sowing moringa seeds?

Do the seeds require to be treated either before sowing ? If so , what is the procedure ?
Is it mandatory to soak in water before sowing it ?

See dicussion: farmnest.com/forum/animal-farmin … drumstick/

My comments on above answer:

1.Why two seeds/hole: incase one seed doesnot germinate.
2.Why extra plants in poly bags?: In case both seeds doesnot germinate, plant the saplings from poly bag in vacant spaces.

So am I to understand that no soaking of seeds is required or treatment with Trichoderma Veridi etc…

We have seeded moringa seeds straight from the pack and they have come up well. I think soaking is not essential. Resowing within a couple of weeks should suffice for gap filling .

Dear Chandra,

Which variety of drumstick did you sow? Where did you procure the seeds from and how much did it cost? What was the germination percentage? Did you have to take any special care?

Planning to grow drumstick in an existing farm, trying to figure out between seedlings and seeds. Seedlings appear to be n times costlier than the seeds. Based on G.P. Rao garu suggestion, I am planning to intercrop drumstick in existing palm and the number of plants turns out to be quite a lit. Hence the huge difference in cost for the two options.


Hi Raj, this is PKM-1 that is commonly available in packs at any seed store - I picked it in Hyderguda, Hyderabad. PM me if you need a reference to a good seed shop.

I would peg the germination at 80%, as far as I know, moringa is quite hardy. We just planted them in some small pits and watered them. I will try to find the price I paid - I think we picked up a 250g packet.

Thanks Chandra, your finding emboldens me to try the seed approach. Will check out in local stores.