What is the economics of G-9 banana plantations?

Dear Members,

have seen that there are several advertisements by Tissue culture labs, and marketing persons on TC Banana, Promognate in various forums. …etc. But could not find  or understand the real picture of economics:-

As per Jain irrigation website, aprx 1450 plants can be cultivated per acre and aprx INR 55000 per is the investment cost, So based on that

1450 plans x 25kg yield per plant x min cost of Rs 5/kg = rs/ Rs 1.81 lacs less 0.55 cost = net realization of 1.26lac per acere.

If so much income is there, why farmers coming up with loss. just 10 acere holding, with above calculations there must 12.6lac per year. very fancy numbers.

it is teh case of Banana only which has just 5/kgm there other TC companies offering promognatae, mango…etc so with these new developments it is easy to make a farmer crorepati… then why it is not happening like that.

One more thing understand for TC, drip irregation is must ? understand drip irrigation will cost rs. 45000 per acere? does it worth to do that ?

ALso whether TC cultivations can do in organic way or have todepend on chemical fertilisation as suggested and controlled by TC companies. ?

what is actual truth?? Hope TC hype is not going to eb disasster for farmers and farmer can really earn and make profits?

awaiting a debate/feed backs


Dear Rajan,

Farmers are earning so much. yes it is true. but not all farmers. There is a myth that banana needs abundant water, so many farmers hesitate to cultivate banana.

Second, diseses like bunchy top,wilts can wipe out entire crop if  the care is not taken at correct time.

Third, Farmers are poor in financials, they dont know how to manage their earnings. They spend on uncessary items so this is as good as crop failure.

Apart from all these there are few exceptional farmers who made good money

for TC if you make drip irrrigation it is good and easy to operate. First six months of banana is very crucial if there is one day delay in watering there will be a big difference.
You can fertigate if you have drip irrigation.

Talking on organic way, I have many examples of 50:50 organic and chemical.  For first six months they feed Uerea, DAP etc later they fertigate jevamrutha, Jeevasara etc. When I asked they say this combination gives best results.

Again thier intercroping combination is not so good. This combination also plays vital role.

In my opinion TC ensures sickness free seedlings nothing more.

Dear Sri,

thanks for feed backs and encouraging words.

We really need proper guidance about crop planing, economic aspects…etc. in most of land infrastructure cost eat major. and money left for farming is very less…

hope you are doing and managing better farms. Pls share your contacts if you dont mind


Hi Mathew,
  I belong to banana capital of india :slight_smile: .
Here peoples follow jains recomondations religiously,  Drip is strictly implemented for banana since it need water and fertigation as per time table and quantity provided. Also it is much labor intensive and need lot of manure . I am in process of planning banana in 2 to 3 acres of plot  june 13 onwards.  Can you please cross check your figure of drip cost, I think it costs more than you are quoting .
Other plantations I am checking possibility of drip tape but banana will definitely follow drip .


Dear Mr.Mathews sir, There is good income in Tc banana cultivation. You can accomodate 1450 plants in 1 acre by providing 6feetx 5 feet spacing. If we provide Double row paired system,recommended at international banana syposium held at hyderabad during 2001-2002, we can accomodate 1850 tc banana plants in 1 acre by giving 6 feet x 4.5 feet row to row and at a depth of 4.5 feet plant to plant. (first row to row 4.5 feet, followed by 6 feet row and again 4.5 feet row and the distance between plant to plant will be 4.5 feet in both the rows.). As per experts opinion, the farmers can comfortably get each bunch weighing 30 kgs to upto 40 kgs average .Presently worst means ,the farmers can get 8/- per kg if the quality of banana is good. Hence the yield per acre is 1450 x 30 kgs=43,500 kgs in the spacing of 5 fx 6 f and in the double paired row system is 1850 x 30 kgs=55,500 kgs. Rate will be fluctuating between Rs.8/- to 12/-, and you take the price and caliculate. Please note that above results will be positive to you provided you follow the recomendations of the tissue lab regarding fertiliser schedules,pesticides schedules properly and by verifying the good  ph and EC of the soil and water.                                  Dear mathews sir,one thing we farmers should be aware of is, we should be very cautious,full time should be in the land, get the things done in a right way and systematically. Then we will definately can do well,not miracles in agriculture/horticulture.                                                                                Banana crop plants requires much water and organic fertilisers along with company specified fertilisers schedule.                                  Here i wants to inform you that one gentleman,named by BABJI along with his brothers is cultivating in few thosands of acres in and around ELURU,west godavary dist of andhra pradesh from past 20 to 25 years in leased lands, by providing drip irrigation.                                                                                The drip irrigation also will cost you from Rs 15,000/- to 60,000/- basing on the company and type of drip. you should be much aware of one important thing in banana farming, that you land should be with enough water availability and then only you can reach the goals and you should  be in the land to provide the required fertilisers,pesticides and water in time.                                                                              Hope you will be successful in your banana farming. With regards,  GPRAO,farmer.

Dear Prashant,

Well noted that, The cost of drip irrigation quoted as aprox by Jain irrigation distributor only.  as per their web rs55000 per acer exp for TC 9 cultivation. until unless there is any natural calamities or other animal inwads farmer can get atleast Rs 1lac per acer.

Dear Rao Sir,

thanks for technical advises and encouragement. In my case have full time farmer family and after initial setup I would be weekly presence. my land is close to hill forest and hope can do cultivation with proper electric fencing.  based on informations so far. I trust better to try for 1-2 acere initially and then proceed for wide farming,… if you do not mind pls share your contacts for information sharing.


Dear mathews sir, when you visit bengaluru, pl dont forget to meet Mr Shivanapuraramesh, a senior  organic farmer,well experienced organic farmer and his address is Teja nursery and farms, Rani cross, Devenahalli,bengaluru dist,35 kms from bengaluru.Upto my knowledge he is a senior organic farmer,veryfriendly in nature and worthy knowlegeful person and ,Receipent of best karnataka farmer award, and you can take his advices on request about banana farming,

Hi Mathew,
    today I also verified here from Jain distributor regarding drip cost for G9 - 1450 to 1700 plants/acres, it comes approximately 30 to 40k .

Thank you Sir,
Thank you Very Much Mr. G.P.Rao Garu.

Kindly inform us the Planting Layout for High Density BANANA Accommodating 2600 Plants/Acre. I want to Plant Banana during this Rainy season. Also kindly Provide us the Economics of this High Density BANANA Plantation which was succeeded by a Farmer in Karnataka who got Doctorate from Karnataka University. If you are having any Images and information ,kindly mail to my Mail ID vasudhagreenfarms@gmail.com