What is the best solar pump option for 1 acre farm in karnataka

Please suggest best solar pump, or solar panels to run motor.

For a reasonable set of recommendations i suggest that you illustrate your requirement in a bit more detail.
For instance you can provide the following details :
1- How many litres per hour are you looking at
2- Are you looking for submersible or non- submersible
3- What is the depth of source of the water?
4- Is the water required to be pumped to an over head storage? if yes what height is that at?
5- Do you have specific number of hours by which this pumping should be done - the shorter the time the higher the litres/hour required.
6- and ofcourse if you have an outer limit for the budget.
These details will help you/others/me shortlist a few solar pump options.

For your 1 acre land, if the water is quite abundant in the bore, 2hp motor will suffice. Solar pumps can be used between 9 am to 5pm. The cost of solar pumps have now come down by over 30% too. 4 KW solar will suffice your requirement.

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The best solar pump option for a 1-acre farm in Karnataka would depend on various factors such as water requirements, budget, and local conditions. However, a popular choice would be a solar-powered submersible pump with a capacity suitable for the farm’s needs. These pumps are efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly, utilizing solar energy to power water pumping operations. It’s essential to consider factors like water depth, flow rate, and maintenance requirements when choosing the right solar pump. Consulting with solar pump experts or agricultural extension services can provide tailored recommendations based on specific farm requirements.

To operate a 1 HP pump, about 750-1000 W of solar panels will be required.
Solar panels: 4-6 panels with a power of 250 W each.
Charge controller: To protect batteries and control charging.
Inverter: If the pump runs on alternating current (AC), you will need an inverter to convert the direct current (DC) from the panels to alternating current.
I recommend this solar submersible pump, I have one, I am very satisfied. or also heard about Shakti, Lubi and Tata Power