What is the best quote to invest in agriculture? What about Palm Oil?

Hello Friends,

I need your help and guidance in taking the biggest decision in my life, on investment. I belong to farmer family of Khammam Dist (Near Sathuppally), but never involved in doing agriculture directly (was busy with my education and job  :sunglasses: ). My dad is taking care of our lands and doing something with it…it’s around 5 acres.

Now, I would like to invest in my hometown ( I am working in HYD), that too in agriculture lands and cultivation. When I was searching for right property which fits for my budget, I come across many interesting deals and encouraging ROI!!!

Now I am at point where I am planning to take Personal Loan (which I never wanted to take after worst experience with it) and borrow some money from friends and grab one of the interesting deal which is higher than my budget!

In figures,
I want to invest around 40 lacks on 6 Years aged Palm Oil Trees. This is 8 Acres land and 5Lacks for each Acre. There are no issues with Water and Compound etc.,

I need to payback 30Lacks within 5 years with 15% Rate of Interest. That is around 72000 Rs/Month!!!

I heard that I can get 6000 to 14000 per acre! I am sure If I can get more than 10,000 I will be the happiest person! btw, Can I expect at least 6000 per month?

(If you don’t have any idea about the area that I am talking about… this is near to Aswarao peta(Khammam), Nuziveedu(Krisha), Jangareddy Gudem(W’Godavari). )

Last but not least, what is your input on my entire step? Is there any other plan or a deal that can give me better returns?



I am from Mandalapalli, Khammam dist. I am sure you are close by.
Lease per acre of well maintained Palm Oil plantation is around 35,000 per acre in our area. If you have enough water this is an very good commercial crop. In areas around Dhammapet are yielding around 10-12 tonnes per acre.

On top of it you can try Cocoa as inter crop.

Hari Devarapalli

pls check do we have steady buy back arrangement for palm products/ do you have market to sell?

Thank you Friends…
I am still checking various options in this field… to get pulse of the market. And planning to invest in the next couple of Months.

I will share my experience here…

Once again thank you so much!