What can I do in 4000sqft land, in terms of getting into agriculture

Namaste :pray:,

I have a plot of about 4000 sqft in an agricultural area.
The plot is meant for constructing a house but not for the next 5 or more years.
There are a few house there and some agricultural activity.
This area is about 20km from downtown Pune
There is electrical line from which I can get electricity.
No Water source in the plot but can build an underground tank and buy water by tanker and store it in the tank.

I was thinking in terms of starting a Vermiculture/Vermicompost plant using 1 or 2 HDPE bags.
Where in Pune can I get training for this ?
The starting purpose for this is to provide job for 1 or 2 persons and utilize the plot.

Has any one used the “Jai Gopal” earthworms developed by IVRI ?

The other option I was thinking was to build a poly house and grow vegetables for our own consumption and any extra vegs, sell to local vendors.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Pravin Bidkar