What can I do in 4000sqft land, in terms of getting into agriculture

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I have a plot of about 4000 sqft in an agricultural area.
The plot is meant for constructing a house but not for the next 5 or more years.
There are a few house there and some agricultural activity.
This area is about 20km from downtown Pune
There is electrical line from which I can get electricity.
No Water source in the plot but can build an underground tank and buy water by tanker and store it in the tank.

I was thinking in terms of starting a Vermiculture/Vermicompost plant using 1 or 2 HDPE bags.
Where in Pune can I get training for this ?
The starting purpose for this is to provide job for 1 or 2 persons and utilize the plot.

Has any one used the “Jai Gopal” earthworms developed by IVRI ?

The other option I was thinking was to build a poly house and grow vegetables for our own consumption and any extra vegs, sell to local vendors.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Pravin Bidkar

I would be interested in learning about this too. Any guidance will be helpful for me too. Thanks in advance.

Try spices like nutmeg, cardamom turmeric or even Coco

Thanks Shreyas,
I have grown Turmeric in pots at home, so that and Cocoa is my inclination, I would get more info and try those.
Pravin Bidkar

try short day plants and vegetables like corrionder, methi,karela,brinjal,tomato ,garlic,.etc.

Here you can read story of one my friend started earthworm projects two years back now very successful

I am looking for some collaboration in such lands and do some integrated farming project. If you are open please let me know.
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So many things can do, it’s depends upon your wish which area? Please mention land location,
Thanks regards
Akbar Basha