What are the popular machines for rice or paddy harvesting?

These days I saw many farmers involving in the rice planting looking for powerful harvesting tools. Actually I am in the line of making such machines. So I want to share something and wish they will be helpful.

  1. small walking type rice harvester is an advanced small combine rice harvester mainly for rice and wheat reaping and threshing. It is suitable for hills and mountains area or the areas where general combine harvester can not enter in for it is equipped with strong crawler belt. It has been widely popular among many farmers.
  2. small driving type rice harvester is one that allow people sitting on the seat in the back of the machine and harvesting with bag for collecting rice and wheat grains. It is drived by diesel engine and also suitable for mountainous areas, hills and muddy farmland. There are Two different types to choose: The rubber  for dry land harvesting and the iron wheel tyre for paddy field and muddy land harvesting.

Paddy cutter / brush cutter may be used for small scale harvest.
I have not come across any cheap thresher / winnower but I have a design in my mind .
I am yet to finalise the design and make one unit.