What are the adverse effects of WINDMILL in agriculture farm?

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Several farmers are leasing out land for WINDMILLs. Could you please share what are the adverse effects of WINDMILLs on farms. Whether windmill cause water scarcity or reduce water level or any negative growth of agriculture activities in near by cultivations.

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rajan mathew

My two cents.  I am not an expert on this, sharing my views in order to have more discussion on this topic.

I am unsure about all the adverse effects of wind mills on the farm land; however on the legal side it has come to my knowledge that central Govt has ammended company act-1956  in year 2011 or is about to make a change to bring windmills under company act- I could not appreciate it fully.  If this has happenned or is about to happen would open a can of worms for small farmers. A huge set of problems/issues will be needed to sort out systematically which requires appropriate support system. Failure to comply to stated law can invite troubles or lock out of the affected area.


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Dear  Parag ,

thanks noted for sharing. I have observed that continues rotation of windmills may cause disturbance in air /wind circulations and may adversely effect the water level or moisture contents in the air. Air near to windmill may more dry and we do not have a study report how Windmills effect near by farms in its crops/fertility. If any farmers or experts could through light on this aspects please guide. local farmers said windmill cause dryness in near by farms.

I feel Windmills must be erected only in dry land or waste land.  However big companies really exploring the poor farmers and distributing the ecology as well as agri economics. Poor farmers are lending or selling their soul of land in peanuts to companies to erect windmill and where companies gets good returns in power sales and heavy subsidies as well as tax releifes. If the that poor farmer gets 1/4 of these releife given to these corporates this farmer could succeed in his farming and thus balancing the agro economics and natural balance.

open for more thoughts and reviews.


Mr. Joshi, thanks for the post. Any idea whether the  Government of Maharastra finalised the land lease policy for establishment of wind farms. If so can it be posted on this forum.
Siva Sankara Reddy

Sorry, I have no further information on it.

Does anyone has any information on this front? Kindly share.