What all can be done in 1 acre land along with Poplars?

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I have been following the site for at least a week and found the shared ideas/information very useful.

I have planted poplars in an acre of land, 16ft * 8ft. I am planning to go for Stevia along with Poplars. After this, I am planning to include Honey bee keeping if possible in the same piece of land.

My OBJECTIVE is to get rid of the rice/wheat circle and go for new ventures where I can setup an example in my area to yield maximum income from an acre of land.

The plan is to try this model on an acre of land for 5 years.

No issues with water availability. Temp 4-5 degrees in winters to 45-47 degrees in summers.

Please share the organic/natural and new techniques using which I can turn this land into goldmine, and set example for my village people to adopt new models in agriculture.

I am MSc in IT and working with a US firm.


poplar is a deep rooted crop,dont need much watering.
i would suggest to plant papaya in between and on the ground you should plant turmeric( turmeric need shade) papaya and turmeric both plants have similar watering needs.
in short they need less water. but papaya is sensitive to water logging.if your land hold water too long,papaya will die.
choose lady papaya variety,plant grows to a height of 4-5 feet and give 50 fruits of 2-2.5 kilo each
if you have 1000 papaya trees on your one acre farm you can have minimum 1 lakh kilogram papaya in 8-10 months.
pls note that we can have 2,000 papaya plants on one acre land,i suggested 1000 plants because you already have poplar planted,actual papaya figure may go up.
these days papaya dont sell for less then 5 rupee a kilo even if over production happens,you will not face difficulty selling it.
it can be sold locally,or you can send to azadpur sabzi mandi in delhi and i can help in selling.i live nearby.
turmeric will also give good return but for spice market turmeric needs some processing for which skilled labour comes from badhau or may be badohi in utter pradesh i guess.
so check if turmeric processing labour is available in your area ( if your target market is spices) else you can sell it in azadpur mandi as raw turmeric which is cooked and eaten as vegetable.
Right time to plant papaya is mid april and you can not grow the above variety by seeds.
you will need plants created by tissue culture method.i can give you contact details,i guess indo israel agri center in karnal haryana sell tissue culture papaya plants,else private dealers arrange it.
i hope it helps.
lets see what others suggest.
attached below is the papaya variety.


Thanks for the wonderful info. I have a 10 acre Chikoo farm in dahanu. This is just 5 kms from the sea. There is barely any sunlight falling on the ground as trees have covered the entire farm. So wanted to know if i can plant papayas or turmeric on this farm or not. Or anything else that can be grown under the shade and at some land which is close to the sea.

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what type of sand your farm have?
what is PH and EC of soil and water?
papaya will not grow in shade,turmeric can be grown in partial shade but not in complete darkness(thats a guess,as i never heard of turmeric growing in zero sunlight.

please tell us about your cheeku cultivation.
how much production per plant you get and how many total plants per acre you have planted.
which variety you are growing.
fertigation shedule etc.
deepak gupta
new delhi

Can any one pls tell me which company papaya seed used in photo.
I don’t getting name.

red lady papaya from knownyou seeds

Please contact me for stevia plantation project

Hi Gagan this is Govardhan. I’m also planning to have apiculture(honeybee farming) first u have some training on how to handle bees & it’s living conditions. Along with types which are suitable to ur climate which breed gives u more yield. Sunflower or drum stick may give u more yield in honey.