What after Eucalyptus plantation


Dear Members ,
We have an eucalyptus plantation and the third cutting is due after one and a half year.
Can anyone advise what is best to do after the final cutting. Part of it has a bore. can one start any horticulture plantation or vegetables.
Should one go ahead and progress as per ZBNF. It involves procuring a cow and connected activity of growing grass etc.
Some of the members may have had experience. Request share.


why do you want to abandon eucalyptus ?


Dear Mr Ujwal,

After the third cutting of eucalyptus, generally people uproot the stumps, since it will be no more renumarative. How many cuttings can one take from eucalyptus ?



if there are sufficient buds then it will regenerate


regenerate they will but the yield will be poor


you can try other tree species like melia dubia, paulownia, teak etc… with horticulture as intercrop


From where can one get Paulownia? We are in south and temps are 40 plus in summers. it grows best at 27.

May be melia dubia and teak as well as horticulture like ber apple


i did not come across any nursery selling paulownia. you can buy seeds in aliexpress and germinate.

you can even try giant bamboo.


Thank You. Shall try