Wet area in field

New farmer with new small farm. In some of the fields the soil does not drain particularly well (a feature of the soil series). I’m going to explore installing tile drainage but there’s one spot that’s really bad and I’m curious about (see images)

After a good rain the water pools and it stays there. Only if there is an extended dry spell will the area dry out. You can see it is a low spot but could this just be bad drainage? Serious compaction? or is there a spring under there? This field has been hay for several years but look at the vegetation in this area. One idea I have is to plow the area with a subsoiler and see if the drainage improves but I would appreciate any advice or observations. Thanks!

R Chandramouli

Please check if the soil in the area is saline/sodic. Looking at the PH and EC should give a clue.

Thank you for the advice. What will PH and EC tell me? Does low PH and high EC indicate ground water?

No, salinity and sodicity are problem conditions in soil.

Please check soil texture (sand, silt, clay based class) - soil testing lab/service may be approached

Also check soil pH

Based on the soil test results, the lab may be giving you a suitable management option

Or please post the soil test report for offering solutions

High pH may be due to sodicity Sodicity soil will de flocculate and make the soil poorly permeable resulting in stagnation of water