Welcome to guest/fence viewers in this forum

Hi Guests?
Every day more guest rather than members are reading in this forum.
I know you are very smart enough to become member at free of cost and share your thoughts & expertise which will be very useful for both you and us instead of watching on the fence without you entering in to this Forum.

Hope todays guests will become members to this forum on next visit or now itself.
All you are most welcome.

Have not seen much response  from fence watchers and non representing members of this forum.
Have nice time and have great ahead with your way you love.

Thanks Mr.Swamy.

Was indeed an achievement getting logging details at last.

Thanks to Support team!!!

Have been going through most of the topics and learning them though and some are even eye openers.

now will pitch in…

warm regards

Hi Rajesh,
Well Come to forum and wishing you great ahead.
How is going your dairy activities?

Others, please come on, I wants to see you here.

Hi Swamy/Chandra and Others,

I have been following the forum for few days now and trying to go through valuable experience/suggestions from various members of the forum. Appreciate efforts put in my all members to share their experience and help others.

I work in IT domain and been thinking to move back to India and jump into agri business. Currently I am trying to get more high level information and economics around it.


Thanks Mr.Swamy.

The total farm is of 11 acres .

Construction of shed is to be completed within this month along with water storage(krishi hunda) of 10ft wide 6 ft depth as there is a canal which passes thru the fields and like to utilize water from that source apart from bore well which is already in use.

Fodder cultivation has been done on 4acres and by Dec-Jan shud be ready.
as planned we will be going for cattle purchase in dec12.

In other 4acres we have planted phalli (ground nut) which are shaping good.

rest will keep you posted.

warm regards

Wishing you all the best.
Can you get any agriculture/fruit,vegetables/value addition technology etc. information from England?

Good to know the status, Will you be able to provide ground nut planting materials to forum members in next monsoon season? Can you come up with the present status of ground nuts in the other topic GROUNDNUT CULTIVATION ?

Hello Swamy,

I will try to visit farms in next few months. I will definitely share information once I get them.


Thanks for sharing informative posts.I am just new member in this forum and feel good to get latest update of agriculture.

Good to know new comers on the forum.
It will be good if new member may give their brief introduction and their action plan ahead.

              I am new to this forum.working in middle east.  I had purchased some land . i am interested  to enter into agriculture field after returning home.I am  getting lots of information and  knowledge about agriculture from this forum.thanks you all for sharing your experience and  knowledge .

      I  have around 50 acres  of land with 3borewells. i didn’t started any cultivation yet.  i am planning dairy farm ,vegetables, etc. i want to get some reasonable income.

  please  guide me.


Whole world is watching it and want more and more entires to learn art of agriculture.


yes world is watching!!!

need suggestions on FDI impact on diary farmers. in next 6 months India will be flooded with Tesco,Walmart etc…

do this help little farmers in long run??? or after some time will these big chains start demanding on the cost.

regards to my farm will post details very soon.


Hi Rajesh,
FDI & Big business establishments will come and join the others, but Farmers situation will be as it is.
The one and only peron lift Farmers Fortune is the same Farmer. Every One is the Builder of Their Own Fate.
In a days food, any one can eat not less than two dezens of ingredients, then why Farmer should not grow the same?
Farmer should diversify his activities and should not ristrict himself tagging as Dairy farming.

Hello Friends,

[Pardon the slightly lengthy introduction]

I have been following this forum very closely for a while now, love the diverse topics, participation and knowledge sharing. It is great to see lot of educated professionals from diverse backgrounds taking such keen interest in agriculture. I have been in the IT profession for several years and currently located outside the country.  Coming from a family background with lot of agricultural ties and having spent many summers, winters of my childhood in the farms, I have deep passion and interest in Indian farming.

Living in the western hemisphere and experiencing the cold climates, I can say that India is blessed with bountiful sunshine and several other factors facilitating wonderful agriculture.

My family currently runs a small farm (around 10 acres) with oil palm, coconuts, sapota etc in it. I am interested in scaling farming to much larger extent on a commercial scale with the help of relatives and friends. In this endeavour I would like to add lot more greenery, create rural employment and contribute my bit to nation development (got to dream big right). I wish to return to motherland soon and start in the near future. We have over 1000 trees (various stages of growth) in the farm and it is a very nice feeling to see the greenery.

(Listing just a couple of folks here to keep it short, but thank you everyone)
Chandra - Thank for creating this wonderful forum, appreciate it.
Swamy - love the eco tourism pics and the knowledge sharing
saverafarms, sheonarayan - thanks for creating detailed blogs and sharing

Last but not the least

COWHERD - THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Can’t say it enough, for introducing me to Natural farming and explaining so many things in detail. Thanks to you I learn’t about Subhash Palekar’s natural farming and read his books. I have gifted his books to several people and keep spreading the word to others. It is funny when my father says I cannot figure out if you are in US or India learning and sharing these things :slight_smile:
[NOTE: I do realise that cowherd does not participate in the forum but if you did come back one day (which I hope you do), please know that I sincerely appreciate the knowledge sharing (chandra - is there some way you can contact him and get him back in?) ]

Hopefully I can contribute a few things to the forum. Keep the discussions going on.


Welcome Raj and thank you.

Cowherd does not post much of late but does go through forum posts and responds to PMs/emails from the forum. Try emailing him.