Weird Worms in Banana Plants

In my neighborhood farm, I found the strange worms eating the banana leaves (in quite rapid manner).

I am saying weird because I have never seen them before anywhere. I am attaching couple of pics, Can anyone help in identifying and suggest control measures?

I think these are young larvae of the hairy caterpillar your posted in another thread - or possibly another caterpillar.
Most moths lay eggs in a bundle and so there is a bunch of worms all at a place.

If the worm looks like below image then it is Scissors worm(a native term) Spodoptera litura.

  1. Chemical solution: Monochrotophos 2% soultion

  2. Bio control: Spread puffed rice or poha on the ground to attarct birds near the plant. When birds visit they take care of this.

  3. Organic way: spray nomuraea releyi 20gm/20liter.

If the worm doesnot look like the image please take picture in macro mode and post again.

Thanks a lot.
Worms looks same as in the pic posted by you.

I will try to use bio control and also attract more birds.

Any suggestions to permanently enhance birds visit in farm? I mean general practices for long term?

  1. Stop using chemical pesticide.
  2. Birds need trees or poles to watch the pests. so provide a pole with a cup of water.

I visited a farm last year. He is retired teacher. He is 100% organic. Started with Sri.Palekar method and now provides vermicompost once in two years.

He has 2-3 families of birds residing in his 10 acre farm. He says he has given contract of pest control to them. to do this he did above two points.

Hi Samarth,Sri,

  I also noticed the same type of worm on my banana plants. its found profusely at the tip where the new leaves emerge. I find them almost on 70% of the plants. I think I must take the inviting birds options plus the chemical route immediately and later on after controlling them go for the Bio control method.  Attaching a snapshot for your view.

@Sri: Where can I procure the nomuraea releyi and what may be the cost of the same per KG.





I guess a strong spray of neem extract should work. (for ME it worked perfectly fine). I think you should also try it once.

nomuraea releyi is available in all raita samparka kendra, if there is no stock they will get it from UAS Dharwad. Cost is 180/kg. You will be needing only 500gm for whole year for 0.5 acres of land.

for more info see below video

Gradually these Worms spread to roots also.Is spreads to roots there will be lot of Problem to Prevent.

Hence kindly use Mnocrophose as our Brother advised. After that you apply Thimmit Ganules at the root
fpor preventive measures to other Plants too.

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