Weeds in Moringa

Dear Members,

Pls suggect me any good weedicide for moringa plantation that can be used on both broad leaves and grass.


You can Try Glycel or ‘Roundup’ -2ml /Ltr + along with 2-4D , can mix 3 Grams / Gallon()5 Ltrs. If you are using Roundup there is no need of mixing Ammonia. If you are going for Glycel please Mix 100 Grams per Sprayer for effective working.

This will give effective Control of all types of Weed. Make sure that the spray should not touch the Trunk of leaf of the Moringa Tree (Drumstick). While Spraying you use DOOM to the Nozzle and spray on the soil . ensure the Spray on the Ground level keeping the Spray Doom as nearer as possible to the Soil.

Also make sure that the soil should be wet while spraying.

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