Watermelon, Tomato and Chilli Plants Need Help


I am new to direct Farming and my Father-in law is directly looking after the same.

I am having the Problem with my 1 Acre Watermelon Crop. There is no growth in the Plant. Some of the plants are not even 2 Feet Long. and the Crop is 30 Days Old.

I have planted some Tomato and Chilli on the Side of the Watermelon Crop to see how the plants can do in the Field. These plants are also 30 Days Older. Please review the attached plants and let me know what is causing the problem and what care should I take for getting back the Plants to normal.

We already lost hopes on the Watermelon Crop as the local people says it was because of Virus. Earlier a lot of Farmers used to cultivate the Watermelon, but due to such type of issues they have stopped cultivating the same.

Appreciate your kind updates and suggestions to get the crop to normal.

Please see other Pics of the Watermelon.

Additional Pics of Tomato and Chilli Plants

Experts, Please help me on this.


Please mention the procedure you followed, watering cycle and fertilizer dosage date of sowing seeds or plants

possibility of nematode problem cannot be denied in this case. Same virus cannot affect on different types of crops so I believe it is nematode problem.
Are you following chemical method?


Thanks for the details Below is the schedule and details

Watermelon Seeds are sown on Feb 10, while sowing the seeds we used the Thrive Granuals (All Purpose Fertilizer)

Watering is alternate Days.

And after the seed got germinated, and the first 2 leaves got apeared we used the Confidor and Borax powder.
14:35:14 and 20:20:0:13 one back each was used every 10 to 12 days (3 times till now from the Seeds got geminated for 1 Acre). First 2 times near the plant roots and 3rd time sprayed in the Water canal.
After 20 days we used Monocrotophos.
When we see the pattern of the curling and the Plant is not comming up, locals suggested to use some chlordane (Not sure what the exact Name as this was administered by my Father-In-Law)
2 time we sprayed the R-Cin Power.

Prior to this we have cultivated Ground Nut. Last year the same field is used for Watermelon by the previous cultivator.

Tomato and Chilli:

I used the 20 days old Saplings purchased from the Nursery Tomato (US 440) and Chilli (Ujala) and were tranplanted on 14th February. For the first 20 days the Plant growth looks to be very good and have no signs of any issue after that slowly the Tomato Plant edges getting to be curled and drying off.

Water, Fertilizers and Pestiocides:

The same Fertilizer and Pesticides were used for these also.

As I am just trying these to get used to the Vegitables.

Sri: Yes at this time we are using the Chemicals. As I am trying to understand the Field and types of Crops to be grown. Willing to shift to Natural Farming after I understand Field and Crops details.


Dear Forum friends,

I am using this topic to post the challenges that I am facing with my watermelon crop.

  • Sowing done on ridges @ 1 feet distance from plant to plant on Feb 22nd’16 in 2.5 acres on only one side of the lateral pipe. Ridges are 6 ft from each other.
  • Variety: Pahuja Suman 235 (black fruit weighing 2 to 4 kg)
  • Number of plants - 14,000 approx.

I am attaching pictures of diseased plants. Male Flowering started on 18th Mar’16.
I would like to request for the advise towards crop protection measures.

Fertilizer schedule:
Please see attachment by name "Fertilizer Schedule.

Pest control:
Please see attachment by name "Fertilizer Schedule.

I have noticed lots of small black ants, Big colored spotted insects, brown winged insects etc.

Crop is at flowering stage now.

Kindly recommend further fertilizer / Pest control schedule.

  • Do I have to pinch tip of the vines? If so at what stage?
  • How many fruits can I allow per vine (I see 3 to 6 vines per plant)? which ones to retain and which ones to remove?
  • When and how much to apply calcium nitrate and other micro nutrients?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Guru Prasad
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Could you please suggest any product to get the Nematode issue control in my Crop.


You control naturally by inter cropping Marigold.
You can control nematodes by bio pesticides like  mixture of Paecilomyces lilacinus,Metarhizium anisopliae  1Kg /ton with FYM per acre.
for checmical control you can use nemafos/nemacure/nematrol/Aldicarb  etc,  You visit any pesticide shop ask them for nematicide they will give you.

I am going to the Field tomorrow. Will try with the Suggestions and update as we progress.