Water softener vs. water conditioner

Would like to know what is the difference between water softener vs. water conditioner

Iam planning one of them for my newly constructed poly house.

The water iam using is having EC value is 1.2 and ph is 6.9 . 

Which one better for polyhouse vegetable cultivation

Appreciate for the help


Dear Surendar Sir, As far as EC is concerned, it is very extraordinary if it is less than 250 ds/m, and is very good if less than 500 ds/m, and good if less than 750 ds/m and not bad upto max 1000 ds/m.

Upto my knowledge 1200 ds/m is manageable , under supervision of good agri consultants…

Her I have to say that i have witnessed several farms in Maharashtra, installed RO systems  to bring down the EC of water to less than 250 ds/m. It was costing around 4 to 5 lakhs to process 1 to 1.25 lakh ltrs of water per day. Excess salts will be removed in this process.

As far as your PH is concerned, it is good,( generally from 6 to 7 ph count is good for very considerable variety of crops ). If it is to be altered to any crop, it is very easy and at considerable expenditure.

Hope you will proceed and wish good future to you. best wishes,  g.p.rao, farmer