Water Quality for watermelon


I am from coastal AP. I have been growing watermelon from past 3 years and achieved good yields. Now we are going to try this crop in land where ground water quality is not good. It’s TDS is 1400ppm, I just want know is this quality is suitable to grow melons and other creeper Vegtbls?? If not please suggest me the crops which can tolerate this TDS.

Your valuable suggestions are much appreciated



What is the pH ? if TDS is more , soil might be alkaline ,

Water PH is 7.9. We didn’t check the soil PH

Water pH slightly on higher side by 0.04 , but it is acceptable , try to check soil pH. Soil pH will make a difference, Also find out the source of water, it will be easy for you to control TDS at that point only

Sir can i have your contract number please

Nithin kumar Shetty

My contact number is 9754052961 ( WA)