Water pump to pull water from 250mts plain

Around 250 mta away from my farm there is water canal for irrigation. I can put pipe line from there into my farm but I am concerned about pumps safety to put a submersible pump on the canal as the canal is adjusent to the main road.

Do we have any pumps that pull water from inside the farm from the 250mts pipe line which is 2’ below ground from canal.

Shashidhar Lakkakula

Hello Shashidhar,

There is no pump that can draw water from well at a distance of 250mts i.e 250mts suction is definitely not possible.

But there are portable pump jigs available which can be used to move near the canal whenever ONLY when you need the water.

You can mount a openwell submersible or a vertical turbine pump to draw water to your fields.


Saravana Kumar

shashidhar garu, do you wanted it like this?


Dear Mr.Sanjeevrk,

Mr.Shashidhar here is looking for a setup where pump is in his land and he wants to draw water from a canal which is 250m away from his land.

Did I understand right Mr.Shashidhar?


Saravana Kumar

Oh, i missed that part, i am sorry for it