Water melon – a winter crop for summer market in india


Ramu sir, what is the selling price you are getting?


RAMU sir,
at one point you said you treated the seeds with Panchagavya and Bio-Primed. Please elaborate the steps like how you prepared the Panchagavya and also how to Bio-prime the seeds. Also, in Bio-priming, do we follow the same rule for almost all the seeds like Corn, paddy etc? please explain.


What was the result yield of your watermelon crop?

We are planting 2.5 acres of Pakeeza watermelon seed so just curious.



Hi Azhar,

I am planning to plant watermelon in my farm at Masaipet, near toopran.medak district.
I too do not have drip facility. May i know how did u manage watering .if possible share pics. Did you cultivate watermelon organically or with pesticides


One more thing, what is the watermelon variety you suggest for this region and where can i get it?


Hi All,

What is the ideal spacing for water melon if we do feet raised bed. Can anyone tell me ideal spacing between bed to bed should be. Plant to plant I am thinking of going for zigzag method.


My watermelon plants have still not started producing flowers , but another farm which planted on the same day has fruits the size of minimum 6 inch diameter . What would be the cause ? I follwed all fertiliser and PGP techniques but the other farm did not do anything as well . Any reason for the plants to delay flowering and fruit formation ?


Is it the same variety?
Watermelons have significant range ~80-130 days IIRC in total crop duration and thus in the days to flowering and fruiting too.


Yes it is the same variety . Namdhari NS295 . My plants have thicker stems though and the plants on the other farm have thinner stems but fruits are there . I am suspecting spray of neem pesticide to be the cause for early flower drop . Is there any foliar spray to use for flowering ?


I would go for watermelon organically.