Waste Decomposer

Where to buy waste decomposer in Bangalore ?

Mr. Anurag
You will receive Waste Decomposer on following address

Regional Director
Regional Centre of Organic Farming,
Kannamangala Cross, Whitefield – Hosekote
Road, Kadugodi Post, BENGALURU-560067

you can call on this number - 09448687979
for further information you can click on follwing link also

Sharad Pant

Thank you so much Sir . Indeed grateful to you.

Sir how is it possible for a starter like me to leverage your expertise

Could you pls make 10 mins time for a phone call ?

If so - pls can you share your number

Kind regards


Dear Anurag ji,
I am happy that my reply found useful to you. You can contact me at 9441980940 for further consultation, I will be happy to assist you anyways.
Sharad Pant