Wanted to start Herbal Cultivation, Ashwgandha: Please advise


I am working in MNC, in Gurgaon has around 3 years of experience, I want to quit the job and wanted to start herbal cultivation starting with Ashwgandha.
I have done B pharma and interested in Some herbal and Ayurvedic production and cultivation. I am working on project report to have some market knowlegde of Ashwgandha and other drugs, Can u please advise me on this whether cultivation of Ashwgandha is profitable and alsoplease quote the market proce of Ashgandha per kg in as raw roots and list of Buyers.

I have no land so I will take on lease, also tell me the yield of Ashwgandha.


Thank you Bhayya Varunarora.!

If you got Marketing the Raw Root of Ashwagandha/ Finished Products of Ashwagandha  ,  you can go for Harvesting in your Farm.Otherwise you sought for a Buyback from Ayurvedic Companies. If the aspects are not assured don’t take risk. If the Pre-Marketing arrangements are not there it is very difficult to sell them. Hence re-think and take a decision considering the above aspects.

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