Wanted to know if it is Legal to supply Beer waste to dairy farms in Hyderabad

Hello guys,

I have a doubt if it is legal and safe to supply Beer waste to dairy farms.
There is a Beer factory near Sangareddy, near to Hyderabad
They are ready to supply beer waste for cattle feed.
Minimum 10 tonnes, rate 6.25/KG + Transport, we can supply to any place as long as transport is managed at your end.
My research says that beer waste will increase the milk production from your cattle by feeding this, I want to understand how correct and legal it is to supply

Contact me on 9848898154, if anyone have experience or requirement

It is beer waste, not beer  ;D

Jokes apart, I don’t think you should have any problem. This is a byproduct in the process of making beer. You are not selling  alcohol! 

Dear Mr.Aravind,
I also don’t think you should have any problem. I suggest you to check with animal husbandry department in Hyderabad Rajindernager or in Sangaready. they will give you the correct answer. jut conduct a sample test of material before you discuss with them may beer factory will provide the test report. As I know it good for milk yield milk.