Wanted advice - farming in residential plot

Dear ALL

I am new to this forum and would like to know that CAN I DO FARMING IN RESDIENTIAL PLOT AREA OF 900 SQAURE YARDS which is purchased by me as it will take another 5 years to develop. If some body can answer me then I can proceed ahead.

I dont see any reason why it cannot be done, and I am not clear what your apprehensions are in doing farming in 900 yards.

Just to make it comfortable to others, you may call it “Gardening” if that is your problem.


Thanks for the advice given to me. As I told you there wont be much development in that area for another 5 - 8 years. Hence I am  looking for planting ORGANIC MANGOE TREES. For me 900 SQ,YARDS means almost 8100 sq. foot or 750 sq.mtrs.I am not looking for it to make professional but want to make little profit .

I am planning to build my house inside also after say 3-4 years wherein I will go my own vegetables, some fruits and some flowers wherein retired life

Dear Sri Shrinivas,

If your land is in a gated community and if you visits your site daily, you can go for vegetable farming or flower farming , by digging a bore well in your site( any way you need it for your site in future).

Or you can go for high density plantation of lemon ( acid lime) or guava or drum stick etc

Think twice before investing.

With best wishes,    g,p.rao.      farmer


Thanks for the reply given by GP RAO for vegetable farming.

I am looking for more advises as what can give me good yield so as to help many people in Hyderabad.

I am also planning for a terrace garden.

Basically I don’t want to have too much profit but yes my idea is to help poor people, old age homes, some ashrams where in I can supply then vegetables, fruits.

May gold help me and with advise from all you people I pray to god to reach my gols.


If I have that much space within the city, I would dig a bore well, construct a small shed and keep couple of cows/buffaloes there, & employ a care taker. RoI is the unadulterated (Swach) milk for daily consumption (and also the tasty curd & pure home made ghee out of that milk). What else we need in these times where even the milk is being adulterated (using urea etc)!!! Another return, in my view, is the free stress buster in the form of the affection those animals show towards their master and this is more with the calves. I personally would forget all the stress/tensions just with the glance of the cow calves, the way they jump, come towards us…

By the way, where exactly is this place?


Dear Srinivas,
    I will suggest you plant various  fruit trees like lemon, gauva , custard apple, pomegranate  (one curry leave plant),  etc just on the boundary of your plot . You can also think of mango, blue berry etc .
These trees will serve you very long with sweet fruits .  Remaining plot area you can go for vegetable farming . You can get pesticide free vegetable through out the year .
8000+ sq feet area is pretty big enough for vegetables . Hope it helps . Some peoples may also go for mushroom farming in shed .

Thanks & regards,