Want to start Organic Farm at Palghar


I want to start Organic Farm at Palghar. Can any one able to guide me for the same?



Hi Shailesh.

Welcome to the forum. I believe you should specify at what stage you are and what kind of guidance you are looking for so that members can advise.

warm welcome to organic farming
try to start by zero budget farm

Hi Sambomahadeva,

Thank you for your reply. Any fruit plats you would like to suggest me ?



Dear Mr.Shailesh,

Plse contact Dr.Ajay Deore, Mumbai


Thank you
Good Luck

Dear All,
Want to convert my 5.25acre(250 mango and other plants) farm to 100% organic farming.
Have absolutely no knowledge about horti/agri culture.
Any knowledgeble persons willing to guide and help me on my path to Organic Bliss.Will be very grateful for the guidance and assistance.

Rafiq Yusuf.

Dear Mr,

I have already posted many technologies for organic farming. Plse try and let me know the feed back

Biofarms always ready to assist you.

Thank you
Good luck