Want to start a new farm in Manthani, Karimnagar District, Telangana


I have been following the forum for quite a while and it has inspired me to take up farming in my village.
But before starting off I wanted to take the help of the forum members and some inputs as to how to go about it.

Details given below:
Village Name - Manthani, Karimnagar, Telangana
Land available - 6 acres (ready to start with 1 or 2 acres and then expand)
Climate - Semi-arid (wetter half)
Soil type - Deep black, medium black
Approx. Rainfall(in mm) - 1001
Objective of farming - Additional revenue and also prevent land spoilage
Current crop - Paddy

As mentioned, I want to try something new crops which will give me good margin so that I can invest back in expansion.

Request you to please suggest what could be the possible crops I could grow and what precautions I should take before starting?
I am really looking forward to hear from forum members. Thank you in advance.


monocrop cultivation is a wrong methodology . ZBNF , Permaculture , Hugulkultur , Natural Farming , No Tillage Farming are all about soil biology not agriculture . So first learn about your soil health condition then decide what to grow .

Dear Forum Farmer Friends, Pomegranate ( Bagava ) farming is under progress in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhrapradesh states from couple of decades as mono crop. Some are successful and some are failure in mono cropping.

From almost same time , pomegranate cropping is done in ZBNF, and it is not successful. Upto my knowledge, none are following ZBNF in pomegranate. In natural farming also , the same situation. In Inorganic farming of pomegranate, both failures and success are hand in hand.

In multi cropping in areka nut,with other crops, ZBNF is very much successful. In the same way, Paddy as a monocrop, in ZBNF/Natural Farming, is very much successful and till day, so many farmers are following ZBNF/Natural farming for paddy farming.

But in Pomegranate , Organic farming is very much successful.

There are advantages in each type of farming and disadvantages also in each type of farming. Some crops do very well in ZBNF,Natural farming, and some not. Some crops do very well in mono cropping and some not. It mostly depends on so many factors.

Here we should not forget the nuton’s law. " FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION." we feed the required to the plant, the plant gives us the possible yields ,in reciprocation. The farmer gets high yields. No doubt, when the plant is grown in Natural farming / ZBNF farming, its fruits/vegetables will be tasty, disease free and with free expenses, but yield also will be at a low profile. Some likes it and some not. It depends mainly on the needs of the farmer and they can not be generalised, i beleive.

All types of farming have good and bads and we, farmers have to select on their requirements

g.p.rao, farmer

Bhayya Nikhil ,

It is a wrong notion that Horticulture Crops are not success in BC Soils. One can definitely success either in Organic or ZBNF Farming methods. Actually speaking Black soils are more Fertile than that of Red soils. In case of B;lack soils care should be take by avoiding Water stagnation in the Land. First you get the Soil Testing by takung samples in an “S” Shape in your Farm. Send the Sample Report and we will advise you further.

MANNE.SN,for vasudha Green Farms,
Hyderabad,Telangana, 9133498366,

Thank you all for your inputs. Very useful.
Dear Manne Sir,
I will give you a call soon and see how we can take this forward.

I also request Chandra to share his comments.


Hi parasher,
I’m also interested in starting a new crop near Manthani - same land specification.
I have about 4 acres of land.
Can you share your learnings and experience?
Also, please share what crop did you chose and the results , it will be of great help for people like me who are just starting.