Want to set-up a greenhouse in Kanpur, UP, need suggestion

Hello Everyone,

This is Shailendra Singh from Bangalore. I am a engineer and have been working close to the agriculture industry from some time. I am planning to set-up a greenhouse in my home town i.e. Kanpur , a city in Uttar-Pradesh. But before doing so, i want to do some research in the same filed. I had done some research but i need experts view and i found farmnest to be the best place for help

(1) Subsidy : What kind of subsidy is available in UP. what i had found is that Central Government provide 50% subsidy and rest is provided by state ministry, but i didn’t found that UP government is providing any kind of subsidy.
(2) What are the best crop that i can grow in Kanpur. I am planning to grow either rose or capsicum.

I am not getting any way to edit my own post so i am adding rest of the information as reply.

(2) Generally in Kanpur in summer temperature goes upto 40-45 Degree Celsius and in winter upto 5-6 Degree Celsius. So what kind of crop or flower will be best fit
(3) If in case i am growing rose, where can i supply that. Is there any existing market in nearby areas’s like alahabad or lucknow.
(4) How can i approach bank to get rest of money as loan? I don’t have sufficient amount to invest.
(5) I want to start with 1 acre of area and as what i had found that it need approx 60 lakh for 1 acre with ROI as 2-3 lakh per annum.

Any other information which i must get before starting my greenhouse.

Dear Shailendra,

First of all I wish you good luck.

As per NHB, cost norms for commercial horticulture under protected cover is Rs.112 Lakh for area over 2500 sqm and the pattern of assistance is Credit linked back-ended subsidy @ 50% of cost limited to Rs.56.00 lakh per project.

This 50% subsidy is what disbursed through the state NHM boards and I dont think there is any other state subsidy. Suggest you to check up with the respective state NHM.

The benchmark costs are below;

A)For a fan & pad system, its Rs.1465 per sqm & B)Naturally ventilated one its Rs.935 per sqm

Sounds very costly!!

If planned and executed well , for a steel based PH you would incur the infrastructure costs no more than 20 Lakhs and MS based PH would be much more cheaper and MS based shadenet house the cheapest.

Bamboo PH are much more cheaper but only handful of companies doing it.

Hope this helps!


Regarding your other queries;

The questions you have asked would be more relevant only in case of open cultivation, but with protective farming you can achieve any environment conditions using humidity controllers, foggers etc.

Your focus should be on identifying crop to be grown and marketing IMO.


Dear Mr. saravanakumargcses.

I would rather go with the MS based greenhouse as in Kanpur area, some time in summer season and autom season, wind if very effective and it can effect the greenhouse infra. I am not very sure about the costing for infra but thanks for the information you had shared. I had to do that research also.

Also i am a part of Yuktix technologies and was doing automation for greenhouses and polyhouses, so yes i am aware of Automatic Humidity controller and temperature controllers for greenhouses.
(1) In case of Rose, high temperature and low humidity is required but temperature upto 45 can effect rose growth, so to compensate that, we might have to use automatic humidity controller which controller mistifier by which we can drop the temperature. But at the same time it will increase the humidity, so we might have to use exhaust fan for some time.
(2) We can use cooling pads also for maintaining the temperature.
(3) For winters, i am not sure what we would have to use in order to maintain temperature. One possible option is heaters with Fan. That i have seen for greenhouses.

After talking to some of the Delhi based consultants, i found that rose is best fit to the region where i want to start my greenhouse. So i should start doing research on rose. Right and how to market it?

Thanks a lot for information once again.

:slight_smile: I guessed you should be Shailendra from the Yuktix.

If are considering windload, then steel based PH makes sense. And in steel MS makes it economical. I mean people say MS rusts etc, but isnt it far better durable than wood? This is my version. of course you need to do research.

Just for the idea, For a 75m * 54m 1 acre plot if we did using MS+ LDPE cost was working out to be around 16 lakhs & MS + Shadenet was around 14 lakhs.

And regarding increasing the temperature, yes heaters seem to be an option but running heaters mean more power bills. Need to identify innovative ways here. What about using MH or sodium lights that aid flowering as well increase temerature?

And for the rest, good luck again!



Yes this is Shailendra from Yuktix. I am trying to get back to my home-town and start a greenhouse as i had worked a bit closely with tech based horticulture.

Yes this was in my mind that using heaters will add the cost and that is why i had thought of using solar energy and i found that you are in the same filed. My main aim of doing this project is to work more closely with the conventional sources of energy and be more environmental friendly. i have seen solar powered water pump and defiantly if i am going to start with this project, i will go with it. Are there any solar base heaters available.

Using sodium or MH based lights is again a good idea as in winters, kanpur don’t get much of sun, so anyhow we have to use artificial lightning. My question here is will solar be again a good option for providing power for light.


I understand.

The moment you think solar, ideally you need to minimize your loads optimum way to make it financially affordable.

Solar water pumping and solar lighting is possible anyday irrespective of the connective load.

Also, for heating options would be;

A)Temperature controlled solar dryers (Tamil Nadu Govt has a scheme offering these solar dryers along with polytunnel for chilly growers, so dont think it affects cladding material much due to excessive heat)

B)Circulation of hot water heated with solar water heaters (Again in winters would this be effective?)

C)Try if you can source peltier crystals. These crytals create difference in temperature when given small amount of electricity.i.e each crystal will be rated for a temp difference of X between the sides. Example, when the cooling side is exposed to cold temp Y, and when we power the crystal, the hot side of the crystal generates X+Y temp and vice versa.
I will as well give it a shot to see the commercial availability of these crsytals in Indian market.

May be you should be looking at couple of above options together.


Dear Sir,

I will be in touch with you as this incoming feb, i am visiting my hometown and will be surveying the site where we are planning to install our greenhouse. As per our discussion, few things i must take care of

(1) SS structure keeping in mind wind load.
(2) Solar power based Lightning and water pump.
(3) Solar power based remote monitoring system . This we are already doing in a greenhouse in TN. So i think its time for me to use this technology.
(4) Solar power or local power based Automatic Humidity and temperature control. For this one had to know the temp and RH requirement of plant which in my case is ROSE(which type, i had to still decide.)
(5) For maintaining temperature, in summers misting and cooling pads with water can be used. Problem is with winters. In our area, people does use coal and cattle dung to make fire. That fire heat can be transferred to the chamber using some pipe and that pipe can be controlled(mean exhaust fan pushing heated air inside that pipe can be controlled, but that again will include some manual intervention).
(6) peltier crystals can be again a new research and that always depend on the pricing of them.
(7) I need to find out the market where i can sell these flowers or if there is a possibility of exporting them. Usually in karnataka, floriculture business is huge. Also small greenhouse owners have a problem that their production cycle effect their production whereas for big greenhouse owners can vary their production cycle and they can sell for whole year.
(8) For getting the subsidy, should we go ahead by our-self or should go via some consultant?
(9) ROI calculation for the same.
(10) Investment calculation.
(11) Bank loans?
(12) Growth Scenario
(13) In Depth research of rose or some specific quality of rose which i want to grow that include their environmental requirements, availability of seeds, kind of fertilizer, probability of diseases, how to tackle those diseases etc etc.

Did i missed any thing.

I guess you meant MS not SS. DO let me know the dimensions of the plot where you need polyhouse, shall email you the drawings as well as commercials.

Yes, solar powered remote survellience systems are in use and can be supplied along with solar lighting systems & pump.

Burning coal and cattle waste, wouldnt generate CO2 along with heat?

And yeah, peltier modules seems to be priced high, but that would depend on how many one would need. I am thinking like a pipe connected to a fan and mounted with these modules. Ideally hot air should be pumped out of the pipe. Let us see if this can be accomplished.

Regarding crops, my bet would be on multicrop rather than taking risk with a monocrop.This way atleast the risk can be diversified.

Subsidy -