Want to meet hyderabad & bengaluru farmers

I am planing a trip to hyderabad and bengaluru in may.
I am very new in farming and yet not started my agricultural journey.
I am interested in learning from leaders in this field by personally visit to farmers farm in around hyderabad and bengaluru.
I will interview , compile, make video of interview and everything and share in various platform including this one.
Just drop me your address and email id with me in my email.
I will talk long before visiting any farm.
And yes what will I learn from you all real people , will help me .
And by all that knowledge I will help at least 100-1000 future farmers by providing everything in free.
Because nature rule is free


Drop me your mobile number in my mail.
Will talk and meet soon:grinning::grinning:

Thanks subramanian.g.r
It was my luck to talk with after many day calls.
You are a really amazing and real person .
You gives me a lot information on my questions.
You particularly aware me about permaculture hugul.
Your tips on vegetable farming really helped me a lot.
Your suggestion that vegetables chori is major issue in vegetable farming.
Dedicated involvement for vegetable farming really I learn from many other guru.
Your combined strategy and information stopped me to make little change in my plan.
Thanks for valuable talk on phone.
Will meet with you in may .
I may stay with you in bengaluru trip because you can guide me a lot on field infact I am Eger to learn field work by you in your supervision at your farm.
Be ready to welcome me and teach me practice farning