Want to know more about Farmer Certificate eligibility criteria

Dear All,

I am a salaried person in a corporate in Mumbai and want to purchase a farmland in Maharashtra. I don’t have a farmer certificate but my father has our family farmland in his name in another state which is still under cultivation of rice. My father is also not a farmer and does not involve directly in the cultivation and is taken care-of by our caretakers. In this condition will I be still elligible for purchasing a farm land in Maharashtra ? Please provide me some insights in this issue.


You are father cultivates or others doent matter. A phani(RTC)of a griculture land which is more than 0.4 acres is needed to certify that your father as a farmer. you can approach your village accountant and get certification as Agriculture Family.

Also you can swear an affidavit infront of tehsildar or AC that you want to buy agri alnd and will be used not other than agri purpose. This is an alternative for not having farmer certificate.

If your+your family(combined, average of 5 years) salary is more than 2 lacs, then you are not eligible to register any farm lands. BUT in my place lots of people haave registered by bribing.

Nobody is going to check this BUT if anybody files a complaint in tehsildars office your property will be confiscated first then starts trial.

All the rules change region to region even within the state so it is better to consult local lawer where you are getting registerd.

Hi Brenji,
  Since your father is a farmer your are a farmer officially .  Please check with your father if your name is there on land papers .
In maharashtra we call it as “Bhogwatdar” in 7/12 document .

You will need such document and need to prove your relationship with your father, this should be enough to buy land in maharashtra.

Hope it helps .


As a rule you cannot inherit (from your father) an agri land if you are a tax payer. BUT you will be safe until somebody complains about it, in my place most of the people dont know about these rules.
So I dont educate locals about it :wink:
Govt. dont have a mechanism or a vigilence squad to check this. The day Govt forms a vigilence squad, thousands of people have to forget thier agri lands.
I have heard that in TN these rules are not there.( I am not sure of this)

I have gone through the process in MH and the following is what will need to be done -

  • You need to get the land document and farmer certificate from the tehsil in the other state where your father/you have land
  • May need to provide proof and/or affidavit that you are the son etc.

The above will help you check with the tehsil in MH where you intend to buy the land. Post buying the land, the title will be transferred in your name only after the following is done -

  • MH tehsil to issue a letter to the tehsil of the other state where you claim you hold agri land
  • The other state tehsil has to sent written confirmation to MH tehsil that you are indeed owner of the agri land

The above looks like simple steps, but take a lot of time and money to get done from the local MH offices.

Hi Sri,
  this is realy scary . But I think such rule is not there in maharshtra . Agri land can be inherited irrespective of being a taxpayer .
Below website talks more about MH lands .


Dont get nervouse. You have solution for this. Before registration get lease for 99 years @1/year.  in case of any legal issues you will be pocessing the land for 99 years. (why 99years . That is max period any lease can happen)

Again, chek with lawer.

One more point. village side old farmers will have more than one wife so all children have to sign on sale deed while registering. This also tricky how will you find how many children he has? Village accountant can give a fake(excluding some children) a family tree. in such cases lease will help you.

Dear Mr. sri2012, Mr. ppb and rsrs_in,

Thanks everyone for sharing your experience which would help me out. I had almost lost all my hope after reading some article few days back. So I put up this topic in the forum. I will try to find out about the details and see what can be done accordingly.

Once again thanks a lot and would come back with more queries if required.


Hi Brenji,
  do not loose the hope . There are so many loopholes in law itself and afterall in the country of Gandhiji everything is possible :slight_smile: .
Hope you remember how Amitabh bachhan became farmer few years ago, including many film celebrities.

Believe me a simple affidavit showing your willingness to buy agri land and become a farmer is enough to buy agri land in maharshtra for non farmer . A person who worked as farm laborer for few years can by agri land with such certificate . But then all rights are reserved with collector/Tehsildar . So do not loose hopes, there are so many farmers who are wiling to sell farm land so that they can give few lakhs to their children to get a peon job in city . So many farmers who are holding 2/3 acres and land willing sell since its not sufficient to survive with such smaller holding .


Can the first time farmers buy the agri/farm land after conversion? I think for converting the land a small fee has to be paid.
Will this type of agri land brought is not completely legal in Karnataka and elsewhere?

Converting land from what form to what form?

Agri Land can be converted to commercial purpose use in the hand of the seller. I understad that there are some relevant fees for the conversion. Once done the land could be sold without issues. Correct or wrong?
However, sometimes the cost may not justify on the land if to be used for agriculture purpose.

Converting Agriland to commercial land is the process “alienation”.
Later you want to use it for agricultural purpose, idea is good but, I have no idea of this.

I agree with you rural betterment charges are very minimum. You will have to check with Villageaccountant or a revenue inspector.

There are no such examples.

More points:

You cannot avail IT exemption on agri products. because legally you dont own agri land.
You cannot avail subsidy from agri or horti or irrigation dept.
You may not get aproval for alienation if your farm is in green belt area.
You cannot get benifit of irrigation channel.
You cannot insure  your crops.
You cannot get crop loans.
And it is irreverable process.
Land revenue will be more, almost 10 times expensive.
If your farm is in remote place and has no real estate importance, you will never be able to sell because it is difficult to convince a farmer why you did like this, and he will not be able to pay hevy tax.

Dear Friend,
As you are looking to buy the agriculture land in Maharashtra then you should first have the farmer’s certificate from any state of India. We provide this facility for the person looking to buy the land. We purchase 1936 sq yards agriculture land in your name and then we apply for the farmer certificate to the Tehsil office for the issuing the all related papers. All work legal.  call me  09998732033, 09426065076 email  :- ktcint@gmail.com.

Hello all;

The entire conversation here have left me thinking…

I am from Maharashtra… My name is there on “7/12” along with my dad.

I also work and am a tax payer.

Am I a certified farmer? (As per government, not practically :stuck_out_tongue: … A rookie that way)

If not, what the the cause? how to resolve it?


There are lot of tax payers have bought lands, There is no suqad to check this. If anybody files a complaint tehsildar or DC will confiscate first, Enquiry later.

So it is fine untill you get caught.

Why dont to getting registered in your mom or wife or any other non tax payers name. You will have to get status of agriculture family from Village accountant.

I had self acquired agri. land in MH after army retirement from gov…
Can my cusin brother get agriculturist Cettificate? His name is not on any 7/12 extract.
Can my father be an agriculturist?
Can Tahsildar have an authority to issue certificate of agriculturist for the purpose to buy a agri land to non agriculturist? [ in my case my cusin brother]
Where to make an complent for wrong certificate issued by tahasildar?