Want to know about different types of farming

I have been reading about many words like natural farming, organic farming, hydroponics, energy crops, green house, polyhouse, bio fertilizer and bio pesticide etc…

I see many people in this group seem to have good knowledge and experience on the same.
Would you mind writing some more details about each one. This would help newbie like me and many others.

Natural Farming:
No chemical fertilizer,No pesticide,No weedicide,No tilling,No external input as fertiliser, This is fundamental philosophy. Next many types are there Zero Budget Natural Farming,Kyuse(korean) Natural Farming,Fukuoka,Permaculture,Hugekulture. There is a slight difference of opinion on making land fertile.

Organic Farming
No Chemical Fertiliser, No Pesticide But tilling is allowed, use of external fertilser like chicken manure,Cow dung, Oiled cakes etc. This is slightly expensive as you have to buy everything from outside.

It is a soilless agriculture. This could be organic but not necessarily. One can use chemicla fertiliser. When one dont have land or land with bad soil or bad climate, this is a good choice.

You construct tent or shamiyana and grow. This needs heavy investment. The yiled will be high in this method, crop grown in open filed and green house will be 1:5 ratio.  We have luxury of controling the climate here.

Organic Farming - You can either buy from the market or you can prepare your own manures & pesticides from your farm.

Prescribed Manure will be nearly 20-30 cart laods/acre of cowdung, 2 tones of neem cake or pongamia cakes.

For this one need to have atleast 4-5 cows/acre which will lead to a dairy farm. Most farmers buy cow dung from outside to avoid hassle of cowdung.

neem cakes and pongamia cakes also a a different business altogether.

Summary: Organic farming is not 100% selfrelient.