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Hi All

  I am currently working in Bangalore, I want to plant Melia Dubia Trees near my Native… in 5 Acrs of land…

I am looking for Farmers who can be with me for Life long with me… If you know any one please refer my number to them…so that i can speak to them my number is 9986078513…

Reddy Nagarjuna

Dear Mr. Nagarjuna Reddy, Would you please let me know what is your management objective of taking up cultivation of Melia dubia in your native place in Ananthapur district.
Siva Sankara Reddy

Siva Sankara Reddy

    I heard that by growing the trees we can provide good climatic condition in the surroundings.
& Various other reasons…

I am still researching on the same…

Plz tell me some benefits of cultivating the Melia Dubia Trees…

Nagarjuna Reddy

If your management objective  is  only environmental purpose, there may not be any need to look for others for joint farming. Go ahead in your pusuit and good luck to you.
Siva Sankara Reddy

Adding to Reddy sirs comment,

You dont need anybody to attend the plantation on daily basis.
If you properly mulch you can water them on weekends by yourself, you need to have drip irrigation.
you can see pictures and experience in one of our forum members website techie2aggie.blogspot.in/p/story.html

I have personally spoke to a plywood company, they have told there is a huge requirement at the moment, but they could not comment what would be the demand after 5years.

Actually i wanted a Farmer… who can work on my farm land…

I want to plant those trees for Monetary purpose Can you please refer me any of the farmers number… whom u know in andhra pradesh


Melia dubia is a fast growing plant attaining tree proportions in a short period of time. All fast growing plants/trees place huge demand on soil and moisture resources.
Certainly Ananthapur, a dry, rain shadow district with poor refractory soils is not the place to go for commercial cultivation of Melia dubia. Even if they survive with your efforts of watering etc., they will not attain the dimnensions required of a  plywood manufacturing unit. I am afraid you will burn your fingers by trying to take up commercial cultivation of Melia dubia in Ananthapur district.
Further to take care of your small area of 5 acres in a remote village in Ananthapur district, you have to enlist the support of villagers in your village to take up joint farming with you. This forum may not be able to  provide answer to you in this regard.
Siva Sankara Reddy.



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