Voltage drop issues

Hello team,

I have two 7.5hp motors and an RO plant on my farm, all running on single phase.
I have been facing voltage droop issues for the past one week.
I have registered a complaint in the electricity department, but as it needa government attention, it will take a long time.
In the meantime, can someone please help if they know about a voltage booster single phase product that they have used in the past or know about to increase input line voltage and protect from overvoltage in case the voltage suddenly returns back to normal?

I hope if you buy a voltage regulator it will product your motor as well control the fluctuations of power in the voltage

This is a common problem here in North Karnataka. For technical details and your specific requirement talk to Mr.Santosh Mob +919972777307 or Mallikarjun +919731011003. They make these boosters with sales and services throughout Karnataka.