VNR guava details

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  Does any one have idea about VNR Guava seeds and cultivation process. can we go for this??

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We having contact number for VNR Guava  as mention as below:

Contect Person : Mr.Rajiv Bhaskar
Contect Number: 07509494023



You can reach out to Devesh Shukla , National Head , VNR Nursery at +91 99 81 99 5393. Myself and some other friends from Bangalore  bought plants through him. Price is Rs 150 per plant for qty > 500 + Transport. They try to combine the consignment with multiple farmers and the transport comes to about Rs 10 per plant

Dear Sri Srinivas,

All the best to you. When you have planted the VNR Bihi Guava plants. How many plants you have planted, and  what extent ( acres ), distance between rows and plants. how is the quality of grafts. pl inform us.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

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Has anyone got the grafts from VNR though train to Bangalore?  How has been the quality of grafts?  Were the grafts in good condition?  I have ordered and is expected to come early next year.  How many days did it take from loading to unloading?  Any insight into the formalities required to be completed at the railway station to release the plants would be helpful.  Was it easy to release?  Just enquiring and curious!!

Dear Sri Tech2agri,

Earlier I spoke to them and they said they will send them by Truck/Van and quantity minimum should be say around 2,000 or more, and it will be economical if the quantity is more and it may fall between rs 10/- to rs 20/- approx. Journey will be around 3 to 5 days, depends upon the traffic.

they also said that if not urgent, they will link our consignment with others , passing/nearby our location.

They were not positive for train parcel service. If you are very particular, you can arrange it along with your travel, but a bit teadious.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Sri Ramesh,

Up to my knowledge, there is only one train, running directly from Raipur to Yeswanthapur ( Bengaluru ) , bye-weekly ( twice in a week , thursday and sunday leaves at Raipur ). If you or your person travels in this train, the possibilities of accepting the transporting of plants will be bright. The good thing is ,the plants can be brought to Bengaluru within 24 to 30 hrs, which is very good for the plants health.

Hope the charges also will not be more than Rs 10/- Approx. pl inform us after your successful travel experiance.

One day before, you pl talk to the authorities of the Raipur Railway Station and take their acceptance.

with best wishes,      g.p.rao,    farmer 

Planted 1400 plants at a spacing of 12 feet (row to row) x 8 feet (plant to plant) in 3.1 acres .  Graft quality was good.  These were delivered through truck along with other farmer’s order at Hiriyur.  Plants were in good condition  when we took the delivery

If the delivery is through train, they will be sending the plants through crates and you have to return them. This also involve some additional cost. Please check with them.

Also, they provide 2 additional plants for every 100 plants of order qty. They call this “Scheme plants”.

If the delivery is through truck, please take proper count of plants and take driver signature on the delivery note for any shortage and call VNR people immediately.

Dear Sri Srinivas,

Good and useful information for farming community. Any idea about delivery period if booked now. Pl inform us , How many plants were transported by them, in the truck, when it costed you rs 10/- per plant.

with best wishes,              g.p.rao,      farmer

Delivery period keeps changing depending on their capacity and orders. Last Dec, they told me to wait for 6 months for 1400 plants and then they delivered to me in in one month notice as some orders got cancelled. Devesh from VNR can indicate you the realistic time on delivery period.

They had delivered about 3500 plus plants as one consignment last time and they are delivering another 3500 plans today in chitradurga and Bangalore. Transport cost with this qty has worked out Rs 10 per plant.

Dear Sri Srinivas,

Good information. Fine and thank you.

with best wishes,      g.p.rao,    farmer

Do you have any spare VNR bihi saplings? I need about 20 of them. I can take care of the costs involved. I feel its hard to hard such a smaller number!

We have completed the planting and have no plants left in stock.


I had enquried VNR people, they said min quatity 500 sapliangs and transport via train to Yeswanthpur.

we have a land in Ramanagar, aound 1.2 acre ,  at present there are 80 mango trees, yield is very low and  due to no maintenance.
I can get the permanent labour at the cost of 7K per month , but people are advicing that for 1.2 acre land the cost of production and yield wont break even.

I mean the profits from the guava cultivation wont be enough for the labour and other epenses, need large parcel of land.Has any one done math on how much the yield per acre would be? and the cost of vnr guava in market.

also i missed the rainy season this year 2016, even if i planned it would take 3 months to palnt the sapling is that fine the summer are very harsh in Ramanagar dist. Also Is borewell a must for the guava plantation.

Can Guava be  mixed with the mango trees.