VNR Bihi Farming

Dear All Readers and fellow Farmers.
We are group of farmers and doing. Will in agriculture.
We do variety of crops in fruits and vegetables but more focused in fruit farming.
Currently we are doing farming of Guava, Apple Ber, Grapes, Lemon and Pommogranate.

In Guava we have enough area to be grown in nearby villages.

Now let’s come to Guava Farming. Now a days Guava farming is on the hot. In our area varieties like L-49, Barfkhana and VNR Bihi is being grown at large scale.
Anyone who wish to get more information and above topics please share your thoughts and queries so that we all farmer could come together to solve common problem.
We are in group shall be called as krishiclub.

Thank you
Team Krishiclub

Where are you from? How you are selling it?

Hi Rajeev ji,

Good to see your presence on this board. Genius like you will add more knowledge to this forum.

Rajeev ji you know me…We have meet…

I am privileged to hear these words. Thank you. I am sorry for not being able to recall our meeting. Can you please reintroduce your club?

We are new to this field… Share possible place from where we can get the seeds for the variety of guava that you discussed in the thread…

Guava varieties mentions here are available at nurseries

  1. VNR Bihi Guava - available at VNR Nurseries Pvt. Ltd. At Raipur

  2. Barfkhana - available at various places in Lakhnau and Rajasthan . This may also available in Kolkata. But when you want to purchase take extra care and purchase from authentic nursery.

  3. L- 49 - This is called Lakhnow 49 mostly grown in UP and nearby area and present through out country.
    You may also get plants for the same in various nurseries but again would like to share go for authentic nursery.

If you are looking for more information on VNR Bihi only please let us know.

Thank you
Team Krishi Club

I did not meet with you in club but met you personally.

This Krishiclub is being made with objective to collect an share expert knowledge, new technology, modern practices.

I want to build a online club of farmers those are looking of new, improved and tested technology and fertigation procedures, spray schedule etc for me and fellow farmers as well.

I and fellow farmers those are going to join us in few days will certainly need knowledge from expert like you.
I would also try to connect progressive farmers, soil experts , fertilizer expert, pest and agrochemical expert in our club if they wish to join us for betterment of farmers.
Would also seek and share about Jaivik farming.

Great work. I am always available whenever you need.