Vietnam super early jackfruit

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I am Nandan, from Palakkad,Kerala. Recently in Kerala, there are multiple nurseries promoting Vietnamese super early jackfruit which bears fruit in 1.5 years and does not grow very big (around 20 feet) and bears fruits in multiple seasons. They are good for farming in high density mode at 10 feet distance and 430 can be planted in one acre and tastes good according to report.

Before starting on this wanted to check, if it is a hybrid variety or not. How did it achieve so lesser height, because of crossing or is it natural? Any reference and inputs on this is highly appreciated.


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Sir i am Muthukumran from pondicherry i need your cell number because i want to more about early jackfruit

You can call me on 8089639261.

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Price of plant.

sir can you provide me some more information.i am from andhra pradesh and interested in this jackfruit.cultivation.
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yagna narayana chalasani

A question - has any one actually visited these farms for early Jackfruit and OR tasted the fruit itself? Also what is the feedback from farmers or Agri dept on these fruits?