Vermicompost unit at farm

I want to build a vermicompost unit at my farm.
Please give me any inputs…

I am worried about … it getting wet due to rain.

Obviously it need to be at a higher level from the ground, may be i will build it in a hut covering it completerly…

Inputs … experience please

Thanks in advance

See below link for few images … CAYQ_AUoAQ

You can go for polybags if you want to try it and it works out cheap but it is not durable.
Roof is compulsory.
Dont think of having a vermicompost bed if you are not near the farm(you cannot have a veribed unattended) because maintaining the moisture is extremly important.
You need to have a mesh like cover for the vermibed if you have mongoose/peacock/wild boars/domestick chickens/rats/frogs etc.
You need to have a water channel of about 6" around the bed to keep the ants away.
You need to have provision to collect vermiwash otherwise it will irritate earthworms. Remember this is also a good fertiliser and growth promoter. … the-world/ … sting.html … esentation

Just a few.

trust me vermicomposting is not rocket science, i haave mine doing well. what you need to do is build it with bricks, 4 pits and then need to to be inter connected, meaning make sure the walls have holes so that the worms can move from one pit to anotherin a circular manner.
2. make sure you have a good drainage to collect the vermiwash.
3. make sure you have  a roof to keep shade and also prevent excess rain.
4. there has to be a 6 inch wide 6 inch deep cement moat all around to keep ants out.
5. most important vermicomposting will not work without cow dung.
6. make layers of weeds, leaves etc about 12 inches high, then a 1 inch layer of cowdung, then 12 inch of weeds… then finallly a layer of cowdung, let it digest for 2 weeks and then release the worms.
7. the way i keep my vermicompost wet is i have installed a mini sprinkler on the top, so when the borewell works i get a nice even spread of water on the compost and it works very well.

hi Rajan,

Looks like you have adopted a very practical approach. Can we get a picture of your setup to try and replicate the same?

Recently I got a mail regarding a new vermicompost developed in India - “Jai Gopal” Vermiculture Technology.  This is developed by

Indian Veterinary Research Institute
Izatnagar- 243 122 ,U.P.,  India
Ph: +91-581- 2303382
Ph: +91- 9412509889
Fax No. 91-581-2303284

Pl see attachments for technology details, price, etc. along with a test report from IIT Gauhati.

It may be helpful for a any new startup venture.

Jai Gopal Vermiculture Technology Detail .doc (44 KB)
Feedback of Jaigopal Earthworm.pdf (1.83 MB)